PHONE NUMBER: 02030007609

020 3000 7609
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Con Artists cold calling trying to get your bank details


MR ALEXANDER JULIAN LAKE 70 Friern Barnet Lane, London, N11 3NB driector of DIGITAL MAIL LIMITED Let him know how you feel


Parasitic scum. They phoned me about a non existent car accident in which I was owed compensation. I strung them along for 15 minutes, saying I had been injured and that two of my passengers had been hospitalised. When they asked about the details of the car, I said "I don't know, I stole it." - They hung up.




Rude lady called sarah said she was from incident support team knew my address also , she hung up after i started asking questions


Unknown number so didn't answer. Checked this site now blocked. Thanks


Keep calling me. Will block now thanks


I have just returned from a week's holiday in Spain. I was called 5 times by this number. I have just been called again by them. I am so annoyed as I have registered with the telephone preference service.


Company called Auto Assist, telling me I had a no fault accident within the last three years. Absolute rubbish. Told them not to call again if they do I am contacting the Police reference HARRASSMENT.


Call me 3 times a day. Can.t block. Phone memory is full, which shows how many numbers I have to block!!!!!


Been called 6 times. Blocked. Thanks guys


over the last week this number has called me over 20 times, didn't answer and have now blocked this number


Called me umpteen times today. Someone called Melanie told me my number had been passed to them saying I hadn't signed all the paperwork in relation to an accident I had 3 years ago. I had had an accident, but all paperwork had been signed. She was rude and insisted on calling me my love all the time. Number now blocked.


Foreign man apparently called James said I had been in an accident. Told him it was a scam and hung up


Had a few missed calls then read the below and blocked!


located the location of this number thelocation is no longer active the number is bogus the directive is that the number is hijacked this number in the direct dialing moduel is now terminated numbers that are no long in use can not be used again


This number belongs to Digital Mail Ltd, 6 Osborn Street,London E1 6TD. Although they aren't making the calls they are profiting from their clients making our lives a misery. Please consider (politely) sharing the pain back with them: t: 020 7060 2000 e: [email protected]


17 missed calls today number now blocked


Did not pick up but checked here and glad I did! Had 2 calls from this number so far this afternoon - now royally blocked!


Apparently, I've had an accident within the last three years and I'm entitled to a pay out. Will not discuss how they got my number until I confirm my details due to "data protection". Number now blocked.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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no idea but they called 3x in sucession on 14/2/17 ..prob spam


reverse call / text scam


After calling once and not saying anything when I answered I then received another call from an An asian sounding lady who proceeded to tell me I was having my internet cut off as it was interfering with my computer. She stated she was from BT and when I said I didnt use BT services or have a computer she hung up! Clearly a ascam so I have now blocked the number. I have since been told that we get charged for that call???


Asian sounding person - cold calling for changing power companies


This number keeps calling don't answer


Just had a call on my mobile from Jay at IC Solutions about an accident I am supposed to have had. I asked him how he got my information and all he could say it was on his database; I quoted the Data Protection Act and ended the call


Asian man with a lot of noise in the background who said we were in arrears with tv, gas and electric and that we were about to be cut off. He could not provide me with any account details and ended the call when I asked him for clarification of the company he worked for and account details.


I answered the call and could hear a lot of office noise but no one spoke even though I kept saying hello. VERY IRRITATING.


Called and hung up. Rang back and it was Consumer lifestyles. Ignore


Have called twice today, I didn't answer n have now blocked them after reading the comments posted here. Thank you.


No message left, undoubtedly a scammer !


Called today twice. 1st time disconnected after a few rings. 2nd time I answered and asked who that was. The guy said 'Claims inclusive'. I said I am not interested and blocked the number.


Claims Inclusive, blocked!


This number is from a Business office, I would like to know the name.....


Called me, as soon as I pointed out I was signed up for TPS woman hung up.

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