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Someone called sindy called last night to say I had 1in3 chance of winning an I phone 7.also I could get £100 worth of Mac vouchers.then I was told I had qualified for 10 free euro millions draws on friday.all I had to do was give her bank details so that IF I was a winner on Friday they would pay my winnings into my account.i refused to give my details and when she asked how she would pay me my winnings IF I won I told her to send me a cheque.she was very persistent and I told her no way was I giving her my bank details and that I would accept a cheque,however this was not possible and she quickly ended the call.dont be fooled.


Rule 1 - if something sounds too good to be true, it invariably is. If you work to that principle then these companies will eventually fail as all they rely on is naivety and greed


This number just called!! Saying I was entered into New York trip!! Is this true or hoax??


This number belongs to Digital Mail Ltd,Tabernacle Court, 16-28 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4D. Although they aren't making the calls they are profiting from their clients making our lives a misery. Please consider (politely) sharing the pain back with them: t: 020 7060 2000 e: [email protected]


A Syndicate offers up to 150 members, divided into 75 tickets per draw now that's a half a lottery ticket. Your membership will begin when they receive your first membership fee and you will not be entered into a Syndicate until expiry of the 14 day cancellation period. You will be entered into your first Syndicate, after the minimum membership cool off period, which you cannot cancel your membership until the end of your third Syndicate month (this will be at least three months and 14 days following your first payment). This lottery is a scam, not legitimate syndicate as claimed!!!


Dear Concerned Players, Our Syndicate offersup to 150 members, with one line for each member allocated to it. There will be 150 lines per week played across the EuroMillions’ draw divided into 75 on a Tuesday and 75 on a Friday. Your 600 tickets per month will be split equally over the 4 week playing period to support a maximum of 8 draws in the month. Your own unique line of numbers will appear in the draws 4 times per month either on a Tuesday or Friday.


The point of the scam is to find gullible people who will believe what they say. They are crooks who once they find a victim will ask them for personal details and /or credit card/bank details "So we can proceed with a phony lottery prize you have won, but actually not enter any competition to win that prize" They then commit identity fraud or empty your bank account. Obviously you were the ones they were looking for for them to steal your hard earned money from.


This company called Digital Mail Ltd needs to be stopped, can't someone do something about these calls? This company can't do anything, other than claim the calls is not originating from them and what law is to protect us from this idiocy. I get several of these types of these scam calls every day, the calls go on after I put the phone down. I can't dial out, people can't reach me until they put the phone down.


It is damaging my business, yet these scammers can keep calling without any sort of penalty? I don't understand why a law can't come in where companies like Digital Mail are barred from spoofing UK landlines to dupe you into thinking these are calling from within our country as mentioned on how to spoof dmClub numbers (this is Digital Mail Ltd brand name) from anywhere in the world on any telephone number.


The company directors should be fined and disqualified from operating as a UK Telecoms company, as they are pretending the calls are not coming from them. This company is making such a huge profit at our expenses, the same scammers have been using their telephone numbers for over 3 years now, yet the company has been aware of the problem and does not want to take action and yet get this sorted out as their main priority of having a clean proper telephone network like BT. Although Digital Mail may not making these calls they are profiting from their clients making our lives a misery. Please consider (politely) sharing the pain back with them: t: 020 7060 2000 e: [email protected]


Scam be careful extremely dangerous


They are a legitimate, registered company.I have been a member now for 8 months.I have really given them a hard time over the past 8 months and I'm happy in saying that they have really bent over backwards to assist me with all of my queries.More good news is that they now have a loyalty program which gives u more for the exact same price, after completing 3 months you receive an additional 200 tickets.My syndicate is currently playing with a 1000 tickets every month and after next month i will be playing 1200 tickets. no other service rewards you has well as they do.Overall I think its a good company which gives you the best value for money and with a proper customer services department with dedicated consultants. Good job guys.Sorry for being a pest sometimes. - Julian


Dear Big Lotto Customers, Please do not hesitate to call us on 0203 000 7642 if you have any queries. If you have not logged into your account or having issues with Login in then please visit our website on click on "Member Login" tab, once you have clicked on the Tab please enter your email address which you have used to sign up with and password is the password you setup when using the email link sent to you. A lot of our members find it strange that their links do not work, but the explanation is that the Link is just for setting up a password and not to access your account each time . Kindly email us on [email protected] & good luck on your next draws.




They will ask for your bank details so they can deposit your winnings. There is no winnings, they will set up a direct debt on your account


Dear Big Lotto Members, Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services Department on 0203 000 7642 as one of our trained representatives are ready to assist you, alternatively email us on [email protected] If you are a current syndicate member and not sure how the Syndication works or have pay out queries, then you are welcome to contact us for further assistance.


Say they are agents for Euro Millions I have signed up and paid direct debit end of March ,April and now May. They tell me so far I have won about £400 but they haven't paid any of it yet. They are Big am I being scammed help


SCAM nearly had me well over but managed to cancel card details in time stay away and ignore and safe comments!!!


Phoned me several times over period of several days eventually answered when asked for bank details told them I want giving them over the phone they hung up


They have called 6 times over 2 days pain in the padded arse will not disclose personal details they r now on block


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


If you have any useful information about 02030007642 please add your comment and help others find out who called. Writing a comment is free of charge and can be done within a few seconds!
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no idea but they called 3x in sucession on 14/2/17 ..prob spam


reverse call / text scam


After calling once and not saying anything when I answered I then received another call from an An asian sounding lady who proceeded to tell me I was having my internet cut off as it was interfering with my computer. She stated she was from BT and when I said I didnt use BT services or have a computer she hung up! Clearly a ascam so I have now blocked the number. I have since been told that we get charged for that call???


Asian sounding person - cold calling for changing power companies


This number keeps calling don't answer


Just had a call on my mobile from Jay at IC Solutions about an accident I am supposed to have had. I asked him how he got my information and all he could say it was on his database; I quoted the Data Protection Act and ended the call


Asian man with a lot of noise in the background who said we were in arrears with tv, gas and electric and that we were about to be cut off. He could not provide me with any account details and ended the call when I asked him for clarification of the company he worked for and account details.


I answered the call and could hear a lot of office noise but no one spoke even though I kept saying hello. VERY IRRITATING.


Called and hung up. Rang back and it was Consumer lifestyles. Ignore


Have called twice today, I didn't answer n have now blocked them after reading the comments posted here. Thank you.


No message left, undoubtedly a scammer !


Called today twice. 1st time disconnected after a few rings. 2nd time I answered and asked who that was. The guy said 'Claims inclusive'. I said I am not interested and blocked the number.


Claims Inclusive, blocked!


This number is from a Business office, I would like to know the name.....


Called me, as soon as I pointed out I was signed up for TPS woman hung up.

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