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This number called but as I don't know it I never answered. Checked this site and now BLOCKED. Thanks


The calls come from I suggest you do what I did... REPORT them to the ICO on the ICO website. I have spoken to the ICO and they are looking into it. They fine these firms up to £350.000. PLEASE take 5 mins of my your time to report them on the ICO website like I did... the more of us who report them will get them hit in there wallet and business licence taken away. LETS harass them like they HARASS US! Stand together and fight the scum! >>>>thankyou for reading this.<<<<


Said they were some motor company, I instantly said I've not been involved in an accident but they said that's not why they're calling. They said they worked for the DVLA & claimed that there's been a change in the law regarding driving license & that I should of received a pack in the post, if I don't receive this pack within the next 2 weeks I should call the DVLA. As far as I know I there's been no change & think this could be part of a scam


A Syndicate offers up to 150 members, divided into 75 tickets per draw now that's a half a lottery ticket. Your membership will begin when they receive your first membership fee and you will not be entered into a Syndicate until expiry of the 14 day cancellation period. You will be entered into your first Syndicate, after the minimum membership cool off period, which you cannot cancel your membership until the end of your third Syndicate month (this will be at least three months and 14 days following your first payment). This lottery is a scam, not legitimate syndicate as claimed!!!




Dear Unity Lotto Customers, HOW ARE PAYMENTS MADE All syndicate wins are equally divided by 150 members in your syndicate, if the amount is £20.00 or more it is then deposited into your account after that month of play, if it happens the amount is less than £20.00 it is the kept into your syndicate account accrued and carried over to the next month of play, at the end of your 3rd month of play period all winnings are deposited into your account regardless of the amount. It’s a 100% winners guarantee if you don’t win in any calendar month date you are guaranteed to get your money back. You may also log into syndicate account and see the status of your syndicate winnings.


Dear Unity Lotto Customers, if you have any further queries kindly contact our customer service team on 0203 000 7672 if you have any further queries. We do not guarantee customers that they win the jackpot, we offer a syndication to play the lottery giving you as a player a bigger chance at making a win. A lot of comments come through because people do not know how the game works. HOW THE GAME WORKS Membership of the syndicate For each playing periods, we allocate you to a syndicate. Each syndicate consists of 150 members. Allocation of numbers Each syndicate has 150 lines allocated to it, as described in the game description. We buy these tickets in our own name and on our own behalf and select the numbers on each ticket as set out in the game description.


Sounded too good to be true, guaranteed to win the lotto and as soon as I asked if she was going to ask for my bank details she advised me 'she had a protocol to follow' or I wouldn't be eligible.


Had 4 missed calls from this number. 5th time I answered. I got told I had been chosen for free euro million tickets, 75 on Tues and 75 free tickets for Friday. Asked her how she got my number and she said from a competition I had entered. She knew my name HOME ADDRESS, my date of birth. She said I have to pay £9.20 a month to get my tickets. Asked for my bank details. I said I'm not giving her them and she said I'm silly and im missing out on millions of pounds. Told her to fuck off. Not heard nothing since!


This number called every half hour for two days after reading the comments I'm glad I didn't answer. It then proceeded to call my home phone and an Indian lad left a message that included my full name, email and address. She was very rude and said that they knew I was at home and I should answer. PLEASE GET THE POLICE INVOLVED IN THIS.


I was called with an offer for the lottery, and since I was planning to buy some tickets anyway, thought I'd give the syndicate a go. I kept getting emails showing winning tickets, but there was no way to actually claim these winnings, as it says on their FAQs. I then cancelled the direct debit,both on the phone and in writing with the company, but money was still taken from my account a couple of weeks later. I contacted the company again to ask why they had taken money out and the person I was speaking to just kept telling me what a great offer it was and how I didnt want to cancel. Luckily my bank refunded the money to my account but I dread to think how many other people are paying into this without getting back their winnings.


Some legitimate business the Big Lotto is!!!! When you ring this telephone back, you get a fake message stating this telephone number is no longer in service. That means this number is truly active with this fake message that bypasses Big Lotto's legal obligation to remove your number from their system, how legit is this impression is Big Lotto making on us. If this company was legit, then why not use the main telephone 020 3000 7642 instead of 020 3000 7658, which leads anyone receiving these calls a dead end option to get rid of these cold calling scammers. I would contact Digital Mail on 020 7060 2000, just for them to tell their client Big Lotto stop harassing you once and for all, even if this lottery is legit.


Big Lotto is still cold calling us on services we do not want. Maybe we should report them to the ICO for harassment and their telephone number is 0303 123 1113, please report them as this could stop them. I think anyone who gets these telephone calls regularly from 020 3000 7658 should to report them to the ICO.


Biglotto is a legitimate business based in the UK and registered with Companies House. We have thousands of customers across the UK and value any constructive feedback that you can provide on the service or experience you’ve had with any of our sales/operational frontline employees. If you would like to contact us please get in touch on [email protected] or for more information about our services and how you can win big on the Euromillions, you can also visit our website Thanks Daryl …………. Customer Service Manager


Called2 times I've didn't answer


Calls every half hour only not to be answered. I answered first time and they said the same as they have told everyone else I won free lottery tickets! He told he he didn't need any bank details over the phone then proceeded to ask for my account number and sort cold. I hung up there and then yes they still phone all the time!


Echo re all above comments. Referred to 'online gaming' several times - 10 free tickets to go into draw and prizes will be sent via email. Advised I was uncomfortable and could not verify who they were and which organisation and hung up


Scam. Busy call centre environment, Indian accented lady saying I entered a competition before and I might win any day (Ipad and £10,000) but I had the opportunity as a finalist to enter a Euromillions syndicate (very reluctant to take no as an answer) I have to say wasn't interested 5 times before she hung up, she was basically promising I would win £100k in the next month if I joined the syndicate. Very scary for vulnerable people. Have blocked the number.


Got a call today asking for me to pick numbers for Euromilions then went on bout me winning a competition. He then starting asking for my bank acc no to pay me any winnings. When I said i wasnt happy giving out my bank details he assured me it ws fine then pt his "Manager" on who gave me the same speel. I eventually hung-up!! Nuisance callers!


Called today as part of a lottery scam. Was quite amusing as the scammer got confused half way through the call and jumped from saying I had won the Euro millions to he was going to send me 10 tickets. Could be dangerous if received by a vunerable person.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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no idea but they called 3x in sucession on 14/2/17 ..prob spam


reverse call / text scam


After calling once and not saying anything when I answered I then received another call from an An asian sounding lady who proceeded to tell me I was having my internet cut off as it was interfering with my computer. She stated she was from BT and when I said I didnt use BT services or have a computer she hung up! Clearly a ascam so I have now blocked the number. I have since been told that we get charged for that call???


Asian sounding person - cold calling for changing power companies


This number keeps calling don't answer


Just had a call on my mobile from Jay at IC Solutions about an accident I am supposed to have had. I asked him how he got my information and all he could say it was on his database; I quoted the Data Protection Act and ended the call


Asian man with a lot of noise in the background who said we were in arrears with tv, gas and electric and that we were about to be cut off. He could not provide me with any account details and ended the call when I asked him for clarification of the company he worked for and account details.


I answered the call and could hear a lot of office noise but no one spoke even though I kept saying hello. VERY IRRITATING.


Called and hung up. Rang back and it was Consumer lifestyles. Ignore


Have called twice today, I didn't answer n have now blocked them after reading the comments posted here. Thank you.


No message left, undoubtedly a scammer !


Called today twice. 1st time disconnected after a few rings. 2nd time I answered and asked who that was. The guy said 'Claims inclusive'. I said I am not interested and blocked the number.


Claims Inclusive, blocked!


This number is from a Business office, I would like to know the name.....


Called me, as soon as I pointed out I was signed up for TPS woman hung up.

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