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020 3000 7950
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020 7950 0704 London, England


Pain I am deaf so I can't call them or hear voice mail so I have to do this and block them


I had a call from this company about a car accident I recently had, I told them it had all been resolved by my insurance company but they asked more questions about it and asked if I was alone in the car when the accident happened then I heard phone click and was passed to another woman, she knew my address rather worryingly.I then heard another click and a man came on the phone so I hung up. They immediately tried calling me so I hung up again. They called the following day and I tried to explain nicely that there was nothing further to be done on this claim but they tried to talk over me. In the end I ended up shouting several times "stop calling me" and hanging up. I have had other unknown numbers calling me so guess its the same people on different numbers.


Caller claimed to be from "Motor investigations" calling about a non-existent accident. I tried to reported them to TPS as I'm registered, but TPS say the company details cannot be verified. Also asked this company to remove me from their calling list several times, and they refused to remove me. Now I will take the advice and ring Digital Mail soon.


020 3000 7950, can not be spoofed. When you call this number you get the fake message, claiming you can remove your number from their list. As these callers might have all your personal details, then they should have your TPS request not be contacted over the telephone. Otherwise they are cold calling you, and TPS rarely takes action against overseas companies that use vague names to avoid prosecution in the UK. The only option is to call Digital Mail 020 7060 2000 and tell their clients to stop harassing you!!


Constant calling with their insurance scam, even though I threatened with police and they laughed at me. These foreigners have been using lots of different numbers belonging to Digital Mail. So you can never completely get ride of these calls these number with a simple block and support at Digital Mail claims these calls are spoofed. Digital Mail sells these numbers and make huge profit as 020 3000 XXXX are VIRTUAL DIGITAL MAIL TELEPHONE NUMBERS.


Some Companies and scammers like to use Digital Mail's numbers to give the impression that they are based somewhere in London they are clearly calling out of South Africa.


This number belongs to Digital Mail Ltd,Tabernacle Court, 16-28 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4D. Although they aren't making the calls they are profiting from their clients making our lives a misery. Please consider (politely) sharing the pain back with them: t: 020 7060 2000 e: [email protected]


ignorant scum re car accident that never happened


Have had 4 phone calls in less than a week. Engaged with previous caller to ask why they are calling, was told I'd been in an accident - when?? Phoned them back and asked for my number to be removed but apparently not done as was phoned again this morning. I was abrupt with the woman and said I wanted to speak to a supervisor, she refused and told me I was rude. I admit I wasn't overly keen to talk to her but fed up of being harassed by people like this! Odd there's no easy to find website for this company and unless you press one when calling them (to remove your number) the phone goes dead.


these have called my number 3 to 4 times a day, just called the digital mail number above who have said they will contact the company and get them to remove my number


Called me up and said about a minor accident in my car. Been called a few times by these but not answered. This time I answered and asked them to tell me what accident I had been in (haven't been in one at all) then he changed his tune and said about a minor bump in my car over 2 years. Asked him to take me off his call list and he still tried to get me to talk to someone else.


Called a few time over the last couple of weeks, I have now added the phone number to the mobile phone Auto Rejection list. Easy.


Just had a phone call from these People, like all of you accident that my wife apparently had didn't like it when I took over and turned the tables on him, asked him where he got the number from, where was he based, failed to anwser any of my questions and told me I was ridiculous all the while never raising my voice, never swearing or using any abuse, now we know who they are the world will be spread.


020 3000 7950 London, England A bunch of psychpaths, sending voicemail of hissing sound that you are kicked out of somewhere after on first call a man contacted me to say are you Mr Abdul something. This is one way call, you cannot call them! Just block them!


Just had another call from these people, averaging 3-4 a day. It was his lucky day as I answered knowing who they were. OMG he was rude and shouting at me! Told him he was talking rubbish as I'd never been in an accident. After him explaining and me explaining he hung up. Hopefully won't hear from them again


02030007950 indian woman called me and refused to remove from the system. These companies should be fined for harassment!


I have received 3 calls in a row from a man here, when I told him I did not want to use their services he was very abusive and made comments about my children and mother and father!! I'm horrified how these crooks can be in business.


Outrageous.... finished phonecall by saying "your mother never loved you".


very rude, cant we shut these people down, they do nothing but waste our time


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Missed call so not sure what they wanted. I live in Australia and don't no anyone in London, suspect it's a scam call to match the emails


Just heard a couple of mumbled words, caller hung up


when you answer they hang up,harassing.


Answered the phone and then I heard ringing as if I was calling them???


Utility services. Seems good


said they were from talk talk If I want to talk to talk talk IWILL CALL THEM THESE PEPOPLE ARE F**KING PESTS!


market research very annoying


called 3 times in one day


Had a phone call this morning from this number the lady with an Indian accent said she was calling on behalf of BT who had told her my broadband was infected and she wanted to download a program to my PC to solve the problem. I had a call yesterday from 01 852 369842 with a guy with similar accent saying the same thing! Beware SCAM they want remote access to your computer to steal your details and then rob you.


Called an australian mobile in Australia trying to sell financial software (twice)


I had a call from this number 0202 625 4795 on 19th January 2017 at 13.48. The caller said they were from Talk Talk technical department. I told them that Talk Talk do not call their customers and they put the phone down


Never leaves a message. Trading scam??


Persistent calls this morning from this number. They hung up every time they heard the ansaphone click into life. I will asnwer if they start calling again, to find out who they are!


Dont know who but when I return call recorded announcement saying not now available


Several missed calls with this number

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