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020 3389 5764
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Voice mail - English man (deep voice) saying it was the HMRC, who were filing a lawsuit against me, and to press 1 to speak to my case officer! I may be a pensioner, but hopefully I am not stupid. I have saved the message for possible follow up ( passing number on to HMRC) There were two messages quite close together. Do these people ever get caught?


My elderly mother just had the same. But she didn't identify it as a computerised voice and in fact thought she had been spoken to by name :( I'm sure she wasn't , but need to impress on the vulnerable how these scams actually work.


Just had a voicemail from this I rang the number back and some Indian guy who could hardly speak English answered I hung up !


same message as other comments did not comply


'HMRC' scam message


HMRC LAWSUIT SCAM - rang my parents saying press 1 to speak to the police. Lucky they were out so no harm done but could easily have scammed other vulnerable people.


Call received this morning at an elderly ladies residence identifying itself as HMRC lawsuit against someone and requested to push button "1" - luckily she is quite deaf. The message taken by son-in-law and terminated immediately. This type of communication would not be delivered by telephone. Source should be pursued by legal channels and dealt with severely.


These ****holes have just left a message on my elderly mother's phone! Thank heavens she doesn't have a bad heart or it could have killed her! These people need to be strung up!!!


Very scary automated call. Especially near the end of Jan. Thought I would check the number and read the comments! I am reirting this number to the police.


This is a very malicious call. Obviously HMRC would never approach you about a lawsuit in this manner only in writing. Unfortunately it coincided with me having just filed my tax return 3 days ago so I felt sick to the stomach when I heard it. I am contacting the police immediately as it could cause health issues to others who may be vulnerable. I am an OAP so nasty shock.


Like so many others just had a recorded message supposedly from HRMC from this number


Received Hmrc proceedings call from this number. The police and Hmrc should check it out and block it.


Recorded message saying from HMRC who are filling a court case under my name telling me to press 1 to speak to case officer only got another answer machine. So if they are taking action under my name why didn't they make a personal call and actually ask to speak to me by name be warned its a scam hang up.


Supposedly HMRC!! highly unlikely they would leave an automated message like that. Not a nice call especially if anyone vulnerable or the elderly pick up. PLEASE DON'T PRESS 1 as asked - it will be a scam


Scary but did press 1 then put it down no idea what it was but hate these phone call, surpsied as we are on phone preference system for blocking nuisance call. Elderly.


My elderly mum just received a call from 02033895764 - same recorded message stating to be HMRC who are filing legal case against her and to speak with her case working - scared her so badly she reported to police.


This number is a scam - automated message says the caller is HMRC and states that they are filing a lawsuit against me, press 1 to speak to your case officer. this is a nasty call and did cause some worry for a few minutes, elderly people could easily be taken in by this scam.


This number has called me several times l answered it once it was automated and was about some law suit l involved with l haven't answered their calls since but they keep calling me


Called today by 02033895764 today and assumed it was a scam before coming on here to find out. Ignore!


Had a call today from this number, message left claiming HMRC had filed a case against me, I deleted the message


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called and claimed to be calling from Adobe about licencing for Adobe products in the cloud. Spoke English with Indian accent but claimed to be calling from India? Would not trust that at all.


Had a miss call from it last night at 22:00, lt left a 5 min voicemail with background noises.


Don't know who this is and I live in norway.


Several missed calls from 9am until 7pm and later. Someone must know who this is


V dangerous and harassing . Wanting to know about my investments. Know about me. Blocked number and reporting to police.


Apparently it's a company called Policy Expert and are calling me 'cos my home insurance is up for renewal. Unsolicited call though.


I didn't answer the phone. I called the number and it was a machine saying it was consumer lifestyle


When I answered the line was silent - suspect that it was an automated caller but no-one was free to speak to me then the call ended.


this number rang me but total silence when i answered it


This was an automated call,allegedly from HMRC, informing me that they were starting a case against me :) Not losing any sleep over it !


Asian accent asked about recent car accident. No accident. I rang off.


Some company trying to sell packaged accounts.


getting up to 2 calls per day answer - no one speaks and then hangs up


A "David Smith" called purporting to be from the BT Technical Support team, saying that their system showed that the my router was hosting unknown IP addresses from Russia. Was very persistent in pressing my wife to take some action. Be aware that BT Support should only ring from 0800 numbers.


some people try to convince you to invest 250 Euro - dont do it.

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