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020 3630 0338
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Just had similar call from a Mike Young (Asian Accent). Tried to get me to access computer. Said I would get my son to deal with it as I was aware there are lots of scams. He then said my son was not a technician, he was. Then threatened my computer and internet would be shut down by 5pm if I did not do as he asked. I felt bullied and pressured so asked for his name and number and said he could call back in 30min when I verified things. So glad I checked number here! If he calls back he will be getting an earful.!!


Grandma has just had a very pushy male on the phone, called her three times insisting that she listen and that she didn't understand. Then proceeded to rant on about being from microsoft and how her computer would stop working if she didn't follow his instructions. I then took the phone from her and spoke to the man. He then gave me my nans supposed 'computer reg num' which he wanted me to log onto the computer to check. He then tried to get me to enter the computer system through the run files section. I said I would check his details and ring back (he had given me this number to check). I then googled the number to find this site.


I received a call from this number, saying she was calling from Windows HQ in London about a major problem with my windows applications. She told me I needed to sit in front of my computer and follow her instructions. I told her I had a good antivirus checker on my computer, and she replied this was a far bigger problem than a virus. I asked for her name and number, and she told me it was a Lisa Williams. I told her I would ring her back when I had checked all the info. She rang me back within 2 minutes and was insistent that I acted now. I checked this number and learned it was a scam Be careful.


Strongly accented male, insisting my computer was sending error messages and that I must log on otherwise my phone my TV and my computer would shut down in a few hours. I felt bullied and anxious but refused to log on. He didn't check who I was (I actually was visiting my parents and picked up their phone), he was insistent and when I eventually put the phone down he threatened to shut everything down. He called back the next day and was given short shrift by the homeowner. Don't fall for it.


Asian voice saying he was Shaun Bellford from WINDOWS RESCUE SERVER. Said that they had noticed my computer has a problem with running windows 10. I said I didn't have a computer then he asked to speak to my husband giving his name. I said my husband has a Macbook so he asked me to get him to sit in front of it and he would tell him what to do. I said my husband doesn't use windows 10 but he argued about that. I told him not to phone my home again, he said I will continue to get theses phone calls. I told him it was a scam, he told me to calm down and I was hyper. I gave him a few choice words and put the phone down.


several calls from this number ascam DONT ANSWER


Peter Wilson, part of the fake Microsoft support team that needs you to follow his instructions immediately that are all just part of a big scam! Don't believe it !!!


Asian voice calling himself peter Wilson, supposedly from Windows Technical about malware problems with my pc. Obviously a scam, but he got insistent and gave me this number to "prove him OK" and will ring me back # I don't bloody well think so!!


020 3630 0338


Asian voice called with a load of b***sh** about Windows problems. Hung up with expletives !


Peter Williams- form Microsoft- ha! Scam, be careful.


'Max Jerry' called me on numerous occasions claiming to be from Online Technical Services working on behalf of Microsoft. Claimed my computer was infected with dangerous files. Asked me to download remote access software so he could fix my computer. Obviously a dangerous scam.


A woman claiming to be from Windows Technical Support team, when I asked if her employer was Microsoft she refused to answer, her only goal was to get me to follow her instructions. I asked for her phone number which she supplied, but obviously a scam.


A man claiming to be Sean one of the technician from Windows Support Technical team based in London. I keep getting these scam calls at least once a week, this time I pretended that I was following his instructions, which were to run the event viewer on windows. This is a SCAM and I know it please be vigilant, it has been going on for many years.


This number is answered as 'Microsoft Technical Team' which obviously doesn't match the description above so I believe it is part of the Windows Technical Support scam


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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I dont know who this is


Asian woman who had very poor English my husband gave up after a few minutes as he could not understand her. We have BT caller preference so should not get unsolicited calls.


Claimed to be BT technical department and my internet connection had been hacked And wanting me to follow instructions.....when I asked for number to call back was given this number ...think this is a scam??


FOREX - Online Trading Company! Do not give them any money!


Someone with this number dials my mobile in Australia but when I try to return the call it does not answer


I know nobody in the UK so have no idea why they would be calling. I didn't answer the call.


Maybe a binary company


Some Indian bloke pretending to be from 'Windows technical support', told him to fuck off.


When I answer the call the number hangs up.


money gram scam - don't fall for it!


02036660640 just keep ringing! but does not leave message...spam!


Saturday 14/01/17: called 1115. Silent for five seconds, by which time I hung up


Claims direct or claims United. Obviously a call centre ad loads of background noise. Knew my name😠😠 called several times over a few days


they called me and said i had a court case against me and to press no 1 on key pad and i would find out more


Don't know who, yet - rang off before I could answer the phone.

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