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020 8000 0100
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Very rude person,said something discusting about my daughter Dont even engage in conversation


Similar to above but I live in Suffolk so they said Suffolk county council, again stating that the NHS had given them my number. When I asked to be removed from their list as I hadn't had an accident the foreign guy called me an uneducated, illiterate B*tch and he hopes I die! Charming!


A woman introduced herself as being from Cardiff City Council and then told me that I'd reported an accident, which of course I hadn't. As she persisted about the accident and clearly had nothing to do with my local council (a London number!) I hung up. Whether a scam or aggressive and deceitful ambulance chasers, the council's ought to be informed of this and make the public aware.


Missed call from these idiots. Wish I had a chance to give them a few words of advice. I'm sure they will ring again.


Called me today saying that they were from Cardiff Council Accident Dept. But I haven't reported anything so I questioned further. He soon became abusive. One of his lines was 'Fuck You, you black bastard!' Then he hung up laughing. Reported to the police. They said they are investigating as it's a racially motivated crime. Who are these people and why do they think this sort of behaviour is reasonable?


Just had a call from Peter (clearly not peter as couldnt unerstand him as he was foreign) Aparently Peterborough City Council an the NHS had given him my number and he was going to help me!!!!! I said thats great whats my name? He hung up - muppetts what can I say Peter indeed lololololololol


This number called me and i could not hear what they was saying exept some wierd childish giggle And they hung up. Stupid people


Called by this number to by 'Peter' about my accident. As he had called last week from another number (02032890000) my wife recognised his voice. I told him he was a scammer and put the phone down - very rude I know! I have also reported the first number to "Action Fraud" and will do same for this!


'Mike' told me he had been informed by Peterborough City Council I had been I am accident so I informed I had, and it was when I was working for NASA, my arm for ripped off in the rocket door. He quickly realised I wasn't falling for his crap so I decided to talk over him and inform him I know his name isn't Mike, he should get a real job and I hope he gets stabbed in the face. Never piss off a pregnant woman. 😊


Got called today rudely woken by this number saying there from Peterborough city council claiming I had an accident, when I asked who for? They didn't know just that it was at my address. New it was a scam right away and then the guy got a aggressive saying stop laughing you motherf**ker I said what?? He repeated his self again and I said give me the name of your company now! He hung up! Not the best thing to wake up to in the morning blood parasites!!!


Had a call this afternoon from 02080000100.saying I had an accident at work when I replied no he kept repeating himself .I asked him to remove my number from the system and all I got was I LOVE YOU and kisses blown down the phone before he hung up. I phone Peterborough city council to report it to find out there is no such department they have now got the number .


Just be warned - this number is still doing the rounds and trying to scam people....When are the phone companies going to block these people.....


Same as above. From Peterboroufgh City Council accident investigation. Got my number from NHS. Strong foreign accent so not that easy to understand. Became obvious that they did not know what they were talking about because they were linking Peterborough Council with NHS as if they worked together. I had had a car accident but neither the Council or the NHS had been involved at any time!


Same as above, I was told they were from Peterborough city council and had been given my name by the NHS regarding an accident. It seemed so ludicrous! I just told them I had not had an accident and they just hung up. Dialed 1471 and got this number, I thought this should be known...


Man called saying that they had been advised by the NHS that someone in the family recently had an accident. I have been contacted before with the same sales line. But NHS would not give out my details, and even if the did, surely they would give the name as well not just "someone". I told them to remove my details from their records and NOT call me again. Rang 1471 and got this 02080-000100 number.


Someone rang trying to infer they were from Cardiff City council and that they were ringing me regarding an accident that wasn't my fault....warning signs! The guy went by the name of mike smith, got very aggressive when I asked him to repeat himself. This is obviously a scam!


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Asian man keeps calling, must be very thick skinned, after what I called him, he still rang back later, must be a well paid job to keep harassing people the way they do.


A text claiming lloyds bank account suspended & to call this number..we didn't! We rang the CORRECT number for lloyds instead - it's a scam, be careful


Had a call just from this number had all my name, email and contact number details god knows where from, all about online trading and international trading, never requested this so be interested where they got my details!


02081447834 called today, says they were from TalkTalk offering a sim only deal, sounded like a call centre in India


Indian accent, telling me there is a problem with my internet connection. Hung up when I asked him what info he wanted from me


Called but left no message.


Careers Advisory Service


uni of greenwich employable office


Called me at 1 am three times, I pressed decline the first two times (called again within seconds, literally) and when I picked up, they hung up immidiately. Thanks for waking me up, always appreciated...>:(


Number called and left a 12 second voicemail of some song. Very vague and just strange


Dangerous scam call 25p per 10sec Block this number


A text claiming my lloyds bank account had been compromise. I don't have a lloyds bank account. So didn't call the number. hence marking number as DANGEROUS


Techoption - trading company but with no address


If you try to ring back in just buzzes. Clearly a crank.


They did speak so I hung up. I could hear children in the background. They tried to call back 3 times. I've block the number as it not known to me.

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