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As usual a rubbish caller! How do I know that - because when the answering machine comes on, the caller hangs up! So far I've logged this number umpteen times over the last month, it helps I have TPS, but it doesn't eliminate nuisance calls. The telephone companies and the government, should get off the fence and stop stone dead this perpetual harassment from unwanted callers, instead of leaving it to people to sort out the problem by themselves!


02545845845 Did not even speak when I picked the phone up.


Constantly called by this number. When it is answered it purports to be a Customer Survey operation.


IT'S A CALL CENTRE! Such joy! We rarely use the landline and the only calls we mostly tend to get are these random dial unsolicited calls. I answer and as soon as that tell-tale delay is followed by the opening of the line and the back ground hubbub of many voices I simply hang up. No point in wasting time talking. There's nothing that anyone needs from these cold calls. If you want something, you'll either go out or go online and find it for yourself.




Quite aggressive pitch from asian male, also claimed to be undertaking a survey on behalf of Consumer Services UK. Knew name and address & asked for confirmation, which I refused. After repeatedly saying I had no wish to participate I put the phone down.


Caller claimed to be from "Consumer Services UK". Openly admitted to operating from an offshore call centre (India) on a sales/marketing type call. They knew my name and address in spite of us being ex-directory and TPS registered so I politely blasted them with the truth that making and unsolicited sales or market research call was in breach of UK law and I must insist they remove our details from their contact database (fruitless I know but...) also that further contact would result in legal proceedings.


Called at 3pm. Fortunately we were out, and the caller display showed this nuisance number! Has been registered on the display umpteen times over the last month, and still they persist, even tho NO-ONE in the house ever picks up the phone to answer to unknown numbers! If we didn't have caller display & answer machine, we'd never be off the damn phone! This is out and out harassment! More so when these so-called companies haven't got the decency to take the hint, and stop using automatic dialers to get a response from unsuspecting people!


Said they were from Open Reach which coincidentally, I had an engineer at my house two days previously??? Said they were going to turn my internet off, if I ever catch hold of any of these people they had better be sure they are willing to suffer the consequences.


Unknown. Most likely either sales or scammers. Whatever, I can live happily enough without them. I never answer, simply accept the call and listen. Usually there's a delay before you get connected which is a dead cert that it's a random dial affair. Once I know it's rubbish I just rack the phone. As soon as the government hits BT for the land-line monopoly and it is no longer compulsory to have a land-line in order to have Broadband I will be binning the line.


Called for the 3rd day running for some "consumer survey" someone is going to find out where these calls are being made from and burn down the place with everyone in if they aren't put a stop to


Asian sounding man from Microsoft called EDDIE!! Called 're virus in my computer, told him he was talking s----! And put phone down on him before he got chance to reply. Maybe that will stop him calling me back. I already had this number blocked but still got through.


probably a scammer. Rang off before answered.


Fed up with calls from this number and also from 02079462020. Also calls from " Microsoft" are these people to stupid to realise that most people now realise they are just scammers. I get so angry especially when I had a very sick daughter in law and every phone call gave me a feeling of dread. People who make these calls should be put in prison!


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Someone using this number has telephoned me many times in the last few days. He is selling a device to stop nuisance calls on my phone for £99. He is very annoying and not interested when told that I am not interested. He uses threats when challenged, saying that he will continue to call until I agree to buy this device.


Caller said he had a devise to block unwanted calls,wanted to confirm my details, by asking for my bank account details,kept him waiting for as long as i could.then hung up.


Claimed to be from internet service provider, played along as fed up with these calls, talked me through showing CLSID in cmd window and listing errors in event viewer then told me to go to from a run prompt, which I refused to do and told him what I thought of the scam - he then hung up.


they hung up a few seconds after i answered, think it is a call center, as i seem to get quite a few of these calls every day, and they always come in batches after a different number rings me


They claim that they are US Gov. Grants dept. They tried to get my SS# and license #


Don't answer! Pretended to be my Talk talk internet provider, saying I have a fault with my internet that they can fix. As I've not been with talk talk for 6 months, and 'Paul' really annoyed me I told him to F. Off. He did. Don't get scammed.


man said he was from talktalk they keep ringing my 76 year old mother, i answered today and told the she does not have broadband. i am sure the man told me to f**k off then line went dead, BLOCKED NOW


Repeated calls purporting to come from TalkTalk technical support about a router problem; none is connected to the line!


Received call today tried to call it back and it doesn't exist?


Called but never talked. Could hear background noises.

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