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Another call from an Indian sounding gentleman offering to stop and block unwanted calls. Told him firmly to go away - but he pattered on and I hung up.


"Frank Watson" with a strong Indian accent. Lifetime protection for old-age pensioners who pay their bills on time! No charge- well we didn't get to that bit...Gave me contact number of 0800 086 9345 Claimed to have contact with BT and TPS but out-of-date details on me. Told him I would ring him back..... keep waiting Frank!!!! Not as green as my age might suggest.... Lulu


Woman called to say she was going to stop getting nuisance calls. I asked how she got my number and indicted to her that it wasn't the calls that were a nuisance was people who makes them. Guess what? She rung off.......


02548996357 called my father today 9.16 am. He didn't get to the phone in time, but has written the number down and asked me if I recognise the number. I have looked it up to find all the other stories above, so instructed him not to answer this number. Dad is also registered with TPS and should not be receiving this call, so how is it they are getting through??? Sounds like harrassing the elderly client!


Cant write anything as I am so angry.These animals need to be stopped the phone company should stop them at source they are making money from it ?.


Just answered scam call from Indian sounding man saying his name was Nick and that he was phoning to help with the nuisance calls I was getting telling me my details ie name address telephone number.He then asked for my email address and who we paid our telephone bill too. I informed him it was none of his business as he had said he was going to stop nuisance calls and he had my phone number that was all he needed.He then asked to speak to my husband told him he was not in didn't know when he would be in. Said he was going to put me on to his boss and then call cut off Trying to make out he was working on behalf of the government and TPS service. Something has to be done about these scum bags.


"Dave" (indian sounding man) from "Call Prevention Service" working "in conjunction with the Telephone Preference Service". Want to help my block unwanted calls - previously called on 10/2/17! Let him go through his patter and then asked him for phone number I can call back on, which he gave me! I confirmed the name of the company and then he said that I was speaking to "Nick Williams"! He asked if I was a pensioner and said that there is a registration fee for their service which is from £99 for my lifetime. I said that I am already registered with the TPS which means they should not be calling me. I added that he has given me all the information I need to report the company to both the TPS and to OfComm, at which point he hung up .........


02548996357 call Ed no nswe


Absolute scammers! DON'T GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR DETAILS! Scammers should be hunted down and jailed!


Keeps calling at about breakfast time - no details left on answerphone.


Am getting proper fed up with these people who keep phoning me. Always a paki or indian saying they can block unwanted calls, so I said to them, YOU NEED TO STOP CALLING, so can YOU BLOCK your own number ? was a pause then he kept going on and on, in end I hung up. On another occasion as soon as they asked for me ( how they have my name, address I have no idea ) i said hang on and just put the phone near me, I listened to see if they were still there so left it for abit again. Am sure they could hear me but was funny. They waste my time - I waste theirs lol


Frequent calls from this number. May not be a scam although I think they want you to sign up to a call blocking service. The person who spoke knew my name, address and card details so worrying. I have now blocked this number. Do the same.


An indian man telling me that he was from some marketing company (didn't catch the name) and that he could block all my unwanted cold calls. I just laughed and asked if he was for real. He asked why. I said you want to block all my cold calls of which you are one? I said he could save himself the trouble and just delete my number off his database - then I hung up!


02548996357 rings but doesn't say anything when you answer really gets on you nerves should be able to stop these idiots. Constantly receiving these calls.


got me singing teddy bear's picnic on ansaphone, expecting call from medics so unhappy, if these chimps were hanging around outside front of house we could holler cop, time the law was changed!


Called today claiming to be from TPS and asking me to verify my details - they had the wrong spelling of my name and a totally wrong address which I did not correct them on. Interested to see where this was going so once 'verified' I was transferred to a 'registration agent' - obviously a more senior bloke as he spoke better English. He then mentioned a registration fee for the service - I asked how he sleeps at night conning people out of money for a service he could not deliver and put the phone down. He immediately phoned me back on an 'unavailable' number and challenged me - quite aggressively - claiming they could deliver the service and block unwanted calls.


Indian lady very rude and aggressive. Didnt ask for money but frightened a 98 year old lady into locking her door and not going to a social event. Very dangerous for elderly and vulnerable persons, those that are ringing should feel absolutely ashamed!


Called. Left no message.


Asked to speak to Ella. Who ? e.l.l.a . No one here by that name,goodbye. Blocked number. Suspected a scammer.


got a high pitched tone when this outfit rang.hadn't even picked up!!


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Someone using this number has telephoned me many times in the last few days. He is selling a device to stop nuisance calls on my phone for £99. He is very annoying and not interested when told that I am not interested. He uses threats when challenged, saying that he will continue to call until I agree to buy this device.


Caller said he had a devise to block unwanted calls,wanted to confirm my details, by asking for my bank account details,kept him waiting for as long as i could.then hung up.


Claimed to be from internet service provider, played along as fed up with these calls, talked me through showing CLSID in cmd window and listing errors in event viewer then told me to go to from a run prompt, which I refused to do and told him what I thought of the scam - he then hung up.


They claim that they are US Gov. Grants dept. They tried to get my SS# and license #


Fed up with calls from this number and also from 02079462020. Also calls from " Microsoft" are these people to stupid to realise that most people now realise they are just scammers. I get so angry especially when I had a very sick daughter in law and every phone call gave me a feeling of dread. People who make these calls should be put in prison!


Don't answer! Pretended to be my Talk talk internet provider, saying I have a fault with my internet that they can fix. As I've not been with talk talk for 6 months, and 'Paul' really annoyed me I told him to F. Off. He did. Don't get scammed.


man said he was from talktalk they keep ringing my 76 year old mother, i answered today and told the she does not have broadband. i am sure the man told me to f**k off then line went dead, BLOCKED NOW


Repeated calls purporting to come from TalkTalk technical support about a router problem; none is connected to the line!


Received call today tried to call it back and it doesn't exist?


Called but never talked. Could hear background noises.

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