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A male phoned and identified himself with an English sounding name but with a heavy Mumbai-type accent. He asked if I was Mr ******** (my name), to which I replied, "Who is asking ?" He gave me some mumbo-jumbo about his being able to help me avoid all nuisance calls. I heard him out and then asked: "If you forge the number from which you are telephoning, why should I believe anything you say ?" He immediately put the phone down. Can it be, I ask myself, that it is the word "forge" that really upset him ? Try doing it and see if it works for you, too.


kept asking for card details , as hubby made out it was his fathers phone and hadn't got his card he kept on about waiting for him to get it..we put phone down on way going to give details out to any one on the phone.....every one be warned...SCAMMER ...Trying to scam people out of their hard earned cash...


Indian gentleman (Daniel) called just now saying he was from TPS - didn't believe him


He called yesterday but we didn't answer, we woke up to a voicemail of a man with an Indian accent singing down the line. We saved the message as it was the funnest thing i had herd in a long time, lol.


Indian Scammer after card details said he was TPS


Man with a distinct Indian accent who claimed that he was English. I declined to answer any of his questions and suggested that, maybe, he was from Mumbai. When he said he wasn't from Mumbai, I said, "Goodbye" !


Man with an Asian accent asked to confirm my name, although he knew my surname. He sounded very distracted, wouldn't tell me who he was and then hung up. Sounded like he was in a busy environment, maybe an office.


Man with a Indian accent called i spoke back in a Geordie accent and he hung up how rude


Scam call - Asian guy purporting to be from Telephone Preference Management. I keep a whistle by the phone, so I gave him a blast and put the phone down!


Same as previously reported on 18/1/17. Did not let him get as far as offering any 'services', just said goodbye.


An Indian man called me and said he was from Telephone Preferential Management and I could stop all nuisance calls with them, . I told him I didn't need to as I was with TPS anyway, He then said they were a different company, I said that his was the first 'nuisance' call I'd received so they dont adhere to TPS. CROOKS!!!!!!!!


Nicholas, oriental sounding, to help with blocking nuisance calls for ever. If only....


Total scam. Asking for £40 to stop nuscience calls claiming we paid it last year and it had expired. Won't stop calling have reported to local police fraud hopefully teh will get a proper job and stop scaling vulnerable people out of money.


Total scam. Asking for £40 to stop nuscience calls claiming we paid it last year and it had expired. Won't stop calling have reported to local police fraud hopefully teh will get a proper job and stop scaling vulnerable people out of money.


he called while i was at my elderly parents at first i thought he was genuine about the telephone prefrence service but started asking for "security" reason the date the direct debit went out for their phone bill,even after i told a porkie that my brother dealt with that and he was at work at his job with trading standards he still carried on then wanting to ring back and talk to my brother. a few weeks earlier again when i was at my parents house some asian sounding man was saying they had a virus in their router i let him carry on until i told him there was no router and no broadband.


Picked up then silence then automated female voice said goodbye so I hung up !


Claimed to be be from Microsoft and reported my Computer was hacked. It wasn't as I had a 3 hour scan. Why isn't somebody closing these sites down & better still, putting people in prison.


Asian guy just rung. Same as the other comments. I just hung up after a minute, he tried to ring back but i didn't answer. So I googled the number and found this site


Sounded Asian. Very garbled. Claiming to be from Telephone Preference about nuisance calls (laugh). No point trying to be polite with this crook, he's very persistent and will ring back. Use call blocking if you have it.


Scammers claiming they needed to update details. Another number to mark as "pest".


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Asian accented man threatened to disconnect my broadband if I did not hear him out ! Someone ought to prosecute these fraudsters


how to get rid of them: I just asked a few questions. Why do I need your services, I get all the info from HMRC? If you have access to my records, how do you not know why exactly I'm due some money? Why do i need to fill in a form, i do everything online with HMRC? In the end they just said that their information must be out of date, so they just hung up. HA!


the agent on theother end of the call was off shore possible india and kept telling me to fuckoff


Caller wanting personal information - possible PPI or other such scam buthe didn't get that far. Caller hung up when challenged as to how he got my phone number.


01241578886 rang my mobile this morning said my name and when I asked who was calling they hung up. Then rang another four times ignored every time and then blocked


Several calls claiming to be from Hudson Energy. Gave his phone number as 0303 xxxxxxx. All 0303 numbers are for reserved government bodies, charities etc. (It did not work anyway.) Knew the meter number and wanted some extra info from Invoice. Suspect this is an account hijack attempt.


01163184198 Land line Patrick from accident investigation department. Would not take no for answer Told him good bye and the cheeky sod rang back !! No not been in accident and no not interested....but and hung up Dangerous and harassing.


+0000000000 called today and hung up when I answered. Ignore the call and block.


Im not sure who called me .but the person who rang from this number threatened to kill me


Guy claiming I had a speeding ticket, how did I want to pay, if I don't pay today it goes up to £250 tomorrow. Hung up when I accused him of being bogus!


AMENDMENT TO THE ABOVE NOTES! THE COMPANY IS HIDING THEIR REAL CLI (CALLER LINE INDENTIFICATION) this is given i called the number back and the number is invalid THIS IS A BREACH OF THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT 1984 and OFCOM Rulings Play along, as they wont give you information if you interrogate them, find out who they are by giving them false info, and asking them about them selves, or even ask for company registration number before proceeding the call. Once you feel you have enough information, then contact the ICO, OFCOM, and TPS


A Scam Call


Indian, saying from BT and frightened when they said that someone has been trying to get into our bank account through our IP address, he said its ok the people are coming today to fix it. My partner who is not well at the best of times and is getting very worried with all these calls, so he phoned me at work and I told him they are just scum, just to tell them to f%^& off and put the phone down.


I Don't know who called. I have called back,someone peack up the phone but no one talks. I think it's a scam as it is an internacional number and made me spend a few pounds already


People are saying at halifax they said they was lloyds defiantly a scam then I used the excuse i was at work as they asked for personal information

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