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Scam call - Asian guy purporting to be from Telephone Preference Management. I keep a whistle by the phone, so I gave him a blast and put the phone down!


Same as previously reported on 18/1/17. Did not let him get as far as offering any 'services', just said goodbye.


An Indian man called me and said he was from Telephone Preferential Management and I could stop all nuisance calls with them, . I told him I didn't need to as I was with TPS anyway, He then said they were a different company, I said that his was the first 'nuisance' call I'd received so they dont adhere to TPS. CROOKS!!!!!!!!


Nicholas, oriental sounding, to help with blocking nuisance calls for ever. If only....


Total scam. Asking for £40 to stop nuscience calls claiming we paid it last year and it had expired. Won't stop calling have reported to local police fraud hopefully teh will get a proper job and stop scaling vulnerable people out of money.


Total scam. Asking for £40 to stop nuscience calls claiming we paid it last year and it had expired. Won't stop calling have reported to local police fraud hopefully teh will get a proper job and stop scaling vulnerable people out of money.


he called while i was at my elderly parents at first i thought he was genuine about the telephone prefrence service but started asking for "security" reason the date the direct debit went out for their phone bill,even after i told a porkie that my brother dealt with that and he was at work at his job with trading standards he still carried on then wanting to ring back and talk to my brother. a few weeks earlier again when i was at my parents house some asian sounding man was saying they had a virus in their router i let him carry on until i told him there was no router and no broadband.


Picked up then silence then automated female voice said goodbye so I hung up !


Claimed to be be from Microsoft and reported my Computer was hacked. It wasn't as I had a 3 hour scan. Why isn't somebody closing these sites down & better still, putting people in prison.


Asian guy just rung. Same as the other comments. I just hung up after a minute, he tried to ring back but i didn't answer. So I googled the number and found this site


Sounded Asian. Very garbled. Claiming to be from Telephone Preference about nuisance calls (laugh). No point trying to be polite with this crook, he's very persistent and will ring back. Use call blocking if you have it.


Scammers claiming they needed to update details. Another number to mark as "pest".


Could hardly understand. Something to do with blocking calls. I hung up and blocked the number.


scammers just hang up


Asian sounding an called, stating he was from TPS management service, requiring update of detail. Informed him that I has recently contacted TPS about this scam, and they said that they never telephone or email anyone. He soon hung up


Claimed they would be stopping all nuisance calls, started by confirming my address then told me that I paid my telephone by direct debit (guess) and that my bank card expired in 2018 (bad guess) at this point I told them that they were scammers and hung up.


Claimed to be from the telephone preference service needing to update details. Very insistent about needing bank details. Hung up when I refused to give them.


scammers, after your details and they want to part you from your money - be aware these people are criminals


Asking me for my bank details!


I have call guardian so they didn't get through but thought I should check number. Number not recognised so obviously up to no good.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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I think it was a scam. They called on Whatssap


marked as dangerous as phoned me for a number of months always asking for my step mother who died a number of years ago and when I tell them this they say they don't think she did?Do you think maybe someone has stolen her identity?


I received a similar call from this number. When I ansered the phone it came on wuth a whole string if numbers and a foreign female voice said press 1 for message. I pressed 1 and eas told to press 1 again and I then hung up


0121890856. My son is a Barrister and has investigated this company. They do not exist. They are a scam and are also linked to a company claimiing to be from HMRC. there "ARE SOME VERY NIAIVE PEOPLE WHO DON'T STOP TO THINK THAT HMRC would ne extremely unlikely to have your email address let alone your telephone number. Wise up people, wise up. HMRC will contact you via letter and if and I mean if you have had an accident your solicitor or insurance will deal with it and not some random loser.


Missed call so not sure what they wanted. I live in Australia and don't no anyone in London, suspect it's a scam call to match the emails




Called me today at 7.00 am (GMT+7) and I don't know who is this. I don't want to pick up the phone as I'm not sure if it is safe or not. Just be careful! Never have any relatives from Sri Lanka




Unsolicited call at 20.30 - Filipina or thereabouts stating that she was from Unicare - obvious scam but hung up before she got into her 'spiel'


01617130283 harassing scammers


Don't know


"Hi (my name) we want you to test and keep a Samsung Curve 40 inch TV - test and Keep for free. " :/


Missed a call from this number tried to call back and it said the phone was switched off. After reading these comments I will be blocking the number


Scam call


Woman says she's from Telling me I entered a competition and out of 10000 entries I was in the top 3 to win an iPhone 7 or £1000 in vouchers. I put the phone down. I have never entered a comp to win this. Possible scam

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