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Same type of call saying from Talk Talk. I said I was busy and asked for a number to call back then line went dead. Did 1471 which said the number is not recognised. Why can't something be done about these people?


This number called this morning , but because I didn't recognize the code, I didn't answer it . Thanks to this site it was a good decision .


Called 8/12/16- the usual Asian voice with calling himself Brian.said he was from TalkTalk with usual message (my router has fault effecting my hard drive etc). Have had many calls of this nature so I was extremely rude to this guy who eventually put the phone down.


Indian man claiming to be from TalkTalk saying m internet connection was no secure. Instantly knew he was a fraudster, and that he would next ask me to go to my computer. They got my details from the TalkTalk security breach. I've reported the number to talktalk and they will now block it from their systems.


Called again today by this number - no message left. So now I have blocked it. Looks like a Crewe area dialling code - but I think these scammers can have any number they wish coming up on caller display. This should not be possible - phone companies - DO SOMETHING instead of just taking our money!


This sounded like an Indian call centre claiming to be from my internet provider regarding faults on my line. Clearly a scam as he hesitated quite a bit when i asked who he was calling from. The number is not recognised if you re-dial it,


We have call blocker so the number has not been answered but are very persistent phone on average about 3 times an hour for a couple of hours


Got called today by this number - but answer machine kicked-in and no message was left. Time wasters! I don't answer the phone now unless I hear a voice or a company that I recognise.


An Asian sounding woman, said she was from Talk Talk and that they had identified a security issue with my internet connection. I am not with Talk Talk & I am sure she was not either, just a scam to get you to down load some useless piece of software that they will charge you for & will probably cause virus.malware attacks rather that prevent them. I went along with her for a bit, she wanted me to press windows key on my computer, but at that point in time I was using an old Canon Starwriter word processor that does not have internet capability. I said I could not find the keys she was asking about, she then realised I was winding her up & put the phone down. At least it wasted her time & call charge for a bit. I have now blocked the number & reported it to the ICO.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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They said "I'll Kill your kids" and hung up. They called again and said I won the lottery and then said the lottery is them killing me today! help


Who is this


the murder is solved


01224502962 Called today 24th Feb at 17.51 Don't know who it was as didn't answer it because it came up as Aberdeen - will make sure i do not answer if they call back as well.


Silent call




Unfamiliar number called., no message left. Recognised it as a Leeds area code; as we have a close friend there, decided to try number out of sheer curiosity. It sounded very dodgy. Line was very poor, with lots of static and interference. Female voice was inaudible. Research company - Optermiser??? I was worried incase of scam. Avoid phoning these numbers as - it seems - you can very easily be locked into a very expensive premium rate phone scam. This also applies to mobile phones. Even though you have ended the call, somehow you can still be locked in - I know! Avoid! Hope in this case, I'm wrong, but line quality very poor. A definite scam.


I was also called twice today (25/2/2017) from 0800 0920 762 by what sounded like an oriental ladies voice and she told me to call this number about problems with my personal business account at Lloyds. I suspected a scam, please be careful with these calls!


Just got missed call. Tried to call back to same number and this number not exist !


No not use. Its fraudsters who want your bank details claiming to be from Barclays and they send texts messages too. It has been reported to fraud team


Had a txt reading: URGENT. DVLA have tried contacting you. Please click on the link to receive your tax disc refund of £48. Luckily I didn't click on the link, as although I have recently had a car written off, my tax was never that amount. Obviously a scam.


07716 196271 Received a txt telling me: "DVLA Swansea have tried calling you. Click on the link to receive your tax disc refund of £48" Didn't click the link as it's obviously a scam.


Purportedly the DVLA wanting to refund me some road tax (they have been urgently trying to contact me) Looks like spam


some crazy maniac was screaming and than he said quietly i know where you live please do not pick up or call back


It's a scam

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