PHONE NUMBER: 03330030581

0333 003 0581
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this number has cost me about £130 for a service my daughter did not subscribe to. Man at Virgin media gave me number to phone to stop it which I did. However Ii was refused a refund. Disgusted with scam.


I'm very furious they rip off 150 pounds from February 16 on my son mobile phone I never give permission to activate any things I call today to stop this and have my money back they said not refund is my responsibility check my son phone I go to the police


I have been charged £15 from this number ever Sunday ee gave me text number to stop it which is 87066 so hope it stops


I have been scammed by this number but ive been given an email address which i havent tried yet [email protected]


I've been charged £18:10 pence to my phone bill not happy at all!!! WTF!


03330030581 given this number by EE to call to stop but is this also a premium number? I am going to try email first and see what happens so far had 4 calls at £3.75 every Monday. The only thing I can see different on my phone is an app that has appeared in purple and says internet and I didn't knowing download it.


Was getting messages from 700046094 and each time being charged 4.50. Phoned T mobile and they gave me this number 03330030581 to call to ask for refund. Didn't call for fear that it would charge me extortion. And was probably right. Apparently it belongs to IMI mobile, according to T mobile person I spoke to. I also believe it is a dangerous number. How is it possible to be charged for an incoming call or received message without the recipient's or provider's consent? Very dodgy.


Called me on my PAYG phone and reversed charged £4.50 each call!


Calls cost no more than calls to geographic (01 and 02) numbers and must be included in inclusive minutes and discount schemes in the same way. Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 10p per minute; calls from mobiles typically cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages.


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No doubt more 'cold calling'....aaagh!!


No idea who this is but has called every day this week, twice today...doesn't leave a message either.


03332122254 called twice this morning again no message when answered they hang up.


They called me. I didn't answer.


Unsolicited call asking about various insurance. Claiming not to sell anything and just offer savings. Said from YouCompare. Caller was polite, although would not give up and despite saying I did not want anything he kept talking so left with no choice but to hang up.


03335552094 DANGEROUS SCAM! 22/02/2017 -Tagged text message onto a genuine Barclays text message thread on my phone!. Said that there has been a transaction for £1976 at APPLE ONLINE STORE. When you call it sounds exactly eerily like the genuine Barclays menu system. DON'T LEAVE ANY BANK DETAILS! Call your main Barclays number instead which can be found on the internet. I hope this helps someone.


Nutricia Homeward. Their Home Delivery Service


Message received claiming to be from Breckland Council planning department. We are registered with telephone preference service.


It is EON gas and elec


Called several times - goes to voicemail -leaveno message.


Called three times in 2 hrs when I answered was a foreign man who got my surname right but my first name wrong when I finally got it out of him why was he calling it was about ppi definitely not for me as I have never had PPI don't answer just block


Rung twice and hung up


ppi scam phishing info call


Immediately hung up when I answered, very annoying


no message was left so cant of been important, but next time they ring they will be greeted with...'PENTONVILLE PRISON MATERNITY UNIT'.... believe me they hang up and never call again even tho i place them on my 'mistergroup' blocker

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