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0333 556 5513
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Ring me constantly even tho I'm set up with a payment which may I add was my ex partners debt but in my name so obviously I have to pay which I am.. if someone is paying and don't miss a payment why contact them and it's always really early in the morning and always a poxy Saturday which is my only time I can get to have a lay. Bloody nuisance they are


Lowell Finance .. Even though you are making payments, they always harass people during day and night, weekends, work time. They are here to make money from the people in difficulties. They buying debts from lending companies and other companies and making their pockets heavy.


Irritating and persistent. Don't give any details at all and ask them to write.


Several calls from this number, at first I didn't answer. The lady didn't even tell me where she was calling from or if she did she said it so fast I couldn't catch it! She asked me to confirm my address details to her, I said I wasn't prepared to give that information over the phone as I don't know who or why you are calling me. I asked her if she or the company need to get in contact with me they can write to me. I have yet to hear from them via post, and since I have had calls from the same number. I answered my phone today, again the lady wanting me to confirm all my address details, I asked her to tell me where she was calling from, she said Lowell, I asked her to send it in writing to me and stop calling me when you can't even confirm to the person you are ringing what it's about! .


Lowell debt collection agency collecting on behalf of Aqua credit card. Missed one payment and they phone every ten minutes. Best advice is to block the number or pay the debt!




paid lowell off few years ago still harassing me even thou owe nothing what is it with these nusiances


let answer machine deal with it they soon hang up


Lowell group harrassing despite payment plan. Told her to ++++ off!


Lowell... keep calling despite having payment plan in place for months, never missed a payment, getting really annoyed now, it's getting beyond a joke!


Lowell. Bunch of waste, waste of time and space. Called like 20 times in 1 day. Had to block them in order to save my phone battery life lol


hate these people!!


Simple solution - don't get into debt.


Lowell. They have no authority over anyone, NO ONE owes them a single penny as they are scum lowlife, trying to profit from misery....they are the lowest!


Lowell debt !!!!!


Lowells -automated number, not in arrears, but continually harass me.


This company keeps calling for my husband saying they are collecting his debt and they need his details. He'd already consolidated his debts with a company and got a court paper to say his debts had been cleared. When we sold our house over six years any debts left over we're all cleared. I think if one company knows that this debt has been cleared they sell the debt on to another company to get some money back - it's unscrupulous but it keeps happening, I'm just fed up of them calling. Now if I say hello and they don't answer straight away I just put the phone down.


Call me about 8 times a day. Started calling my work 2 days ago I all ready have a DD set up with these people wont be happy until they bleed you dry!!


Call numerous times I do not have any debt with them they are looking for somebody else, have told them person not at this number or address still keep calling. Bloody nusaince


Lowell just ignore them most the debts they chase are over 8 years old and can't be collected unless you actually make a payment on it


Calls cost no more than calls to geographic (01 and 02) numbers and must be included in inclusive minutes and discount schemes in the same way. Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 10p per minute; calls from mobiles typically cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages.


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dont know rang twice rang off didnt get chance to answer so have feeling it another cold caller


ACSG? Didn't answer, but when I rang back it stated this company name ACSG?


call up saying they are british gas, they have a password and say they know your bank account details. they are NOTHING to do with British gas. When you ask how they know your details they say Oh for gods sake or similar and put phone down! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING


Sounds as if it could be a scam, they won't speak to Call Guardian to say who they are. K41


03332124816. Claimed he had called before. Said he was energy consultant, asked how long we had had our external doors and windows. Really wanted to sell us new. Put phone down on him. I'll decide when and who with I replace doors and windows.


repeated silent caller


Sync telecom on behalf of Openreach to reduce my broadband costs. Refused to send written confirmation of discount available


2 missed calls but no message left...


This is a utility supplier trying to get you to switch to them


It seems any number beginning with 0333 is bogus then ?


Got a call from a lady called Fahema threatening to disconnect our meter .. its a business, we have 40 branches, they didn't know which location.. called back.. they didn't know who we were..... Apparently they say they are Total Gas and Power.. who we do not use


Whatever u not be taken in by these Indian Scammers!!!! Promise to put loan into your account but want money paid to them 1st. Dont do it. They then fob u off day after day, WILL NOT REFUND ANY MONEY OF YOURS THEY HAVE!!! + U WILL NEVER SEE A PENNY OF THE PROMISED LOAN. BE WARNED!!! CON ARTISTS AND SCAMMERS


said it was the wrong number


Economy Energy Customer Service Number


Tried calling back after missed call and didn't even ring!

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