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07421 367685
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A "Tim Griffiths" called my work reception and left this number. I was supposed to text him back with a reference number. Also not expecting any parcel. Definitely dodgy.


Pretty much the same the other comments. They called through to reception and then left the message on my works phone about a parcel and being unable to locate the delivery address. When I picked up the message the next day I realised that I don't give my works phone out on parcels and don't remember ordering anything.


Ryan is obviously doing the rounds as he called for a colleague of mine a little earlier but when you call the mobile number they dont pick up... BE VERY CAREFUL WITH YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS


Same as the other - call Ryan back regarding a parcel, and there was a parcel reference number.


A guy called Ryan saying that he has a parcel for me. He wanted a text message instead of a call because he would be driving. Looks like the same thing over and over again, so I'm not sending any message.


Same as the rest... matt has rang twice asking for two different people in our work


Called my workplace with the story that I call Matt Taylor about taking delivery of a parcel and quote a reference number. I'd ordered nothing of the sort and i'm sure the reference number was a way of confirming I exist at this place. Never call these people back. They're clearly absolute rotters.


Received a call to my office reception for the past 3 days the first two Ryan Evans was claiming to be UPS then on the third he was claiming to be Yodel.Strange how the same person can change company in 24 hours. He was asking my colleague if I could ring them back with the order number, I wasn't expecting any delivery so pretty sure this is a con, asking you give away your personal details if you were to ring back.


It's strange that all the comments below seem to be VERY similar in style.


Same as others. Ryan called with parcel...


Received this message from my colleague as this so called Ryan rang my work regarding a parcel that they couldn't delivered at home. I am not expecting any deliveries from anyone and I don't give my work contact numbers to any courier. Sounds like a scam and it looks like they are collecting your name, work address and mobile numbers. I would really like to know who's doing this. Could be a recruiter company!


"Ryan Evans called from YDS ... Yodel Delivery Service" according to my colleague. Not expecting any deliveries, and if I was, they wouldn't have my employers' office number...


A colleague got a call for me: "had a Ryan Jenkins from YDS who are trying to deliver a parcel to you but the home address is wrong. Can you call Ryan on 07421367685" I've no expected deliveries, especially to my work address and I don't give my work phone number for deliveries. Sounds like a scam.


Got a call from YDS/YBS in work asking for me to ring them back regarding a problem with my delivery address for a parcel. But I wasnt expecting any deliveries and didnt get an answer when i returned their call. I am on the Telephone Preference Service for my own phones, but this is more personal. They would have needed to find Employee records of companies to setup these Premium nusiance calls.


I got a message from my office saying that a Matt Taylor from "YDS" called giving my name, needing me to call back regarding a parcel delivery. He gave an order number I had no record of. Phoned the mobile number given but it was not answered. Texted the number, no answer. Maybe a scam to get personal mobile numbers - recruiters or worse


Calls to mobiles are charged between 6p and 32p per minute from landlines and are typically not included in free call packages. Call costs from mobiles vary according to the calling plan chosen. Typically they cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls between mobile phones are normally included in free call packages.


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Calling every day and swearing on phone.


Dunno who/what but likely something relating to a scam as following a missed call, I sent a text to ask who it was and immediately got an unsuccessful delivery report so doesn't appear to be a proper number


Looked it up and it was a company from India so obviously another scam or pointless crap so I've blocked it. Best check on mobile tracer if no message left or just block choice is yours.


This is a person going by the name of Mike and stalking women on a dating website. He refuses to stop contacting me


who called ? message from child at midnight, then three missed calls an hour later!!


Had two calls today from this number when I answered and asked who was it they hung up redialled the number and was told it was an invalid number


Text messaging me insinuating some kind of relationship. Weird stalker


Letting scam. Pretends to be registered Edinburgh landlord Caola William - without being Caola William.


There a right pain phoning all the time


this a prank call, as soon as they call. hangup or just leave it


Scotsman calling being belligerent and swearing asking why am I using his IP address


Unsure who called Phone number came up as Funnumber when googled


Just rung and hung up..


instant hang up, presumed unwanted sales or marketing call


Text me saying im a criminal without any CCTV footage to back the claim up with.

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