PHONE NUMBER: 07454954713

07454 954713
Type: Mobiles
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Called saying it was about my life insurance. liar


This number has been repeatedly calling me so have blocked now another number called.... blocked that too


Called me 3 times during the day while I've been at work so haven't answered until just now, male voice with foreign accent and knew my name told me I was in dept.. I'm 17 years old what the hell would I be in dept for? DO NOT ANSWER


Just had a call from this number saying they were from Citizens Advice. They had my name and address and my mobile number. I did not give any further information and just answered no to his questions. He had a foreign accent.


Called today but didnt answer because i didnt recognise the number


Called me to inform me I was in debt, then called me a lier and to put the phone down. Cheeky bastards I didn't call them.


Tried calling it back and it says can not be recognised ? But has rang me 6 times !!


Beware- these people use mobile numbers to get you to answer the call - why do that? If it's not a recognisable number I never answer- but do check on sites such as this before even considering ringing back.


Just had a call saying i was in debt fuck off i pay my bills on time.




5k debt on my credit card. I don't even have a credit card.


Called me multiple times now always about debt and I have no debt driving me up the wall would love to know how to block this number


Scam!!! Asking for credit card details and address. They asked if I have a debt with O2. I don't. I have pay as you go.


Called to say citizens advise , saying I owed money to various companies???. Asked him to name them , he said 02. I have never been with O2. I hung up.


07454 954713


Claimed he was from citizens advice and could help with my debt. Was very loud in background, sounded like a call center. Talked about a government thing wanting to write off my debt. Obviously reading my name off something, pronounced it wrong. Asked if it was correct that I have debts over £5000 (I don't). Told him I'm ill and can't discuss this. He said he'd call me back. I asked him not to and hung up. Expect he'll call me again. Ergh.


Blocked. Don't give these people any details they're scammers


Called, hung up - tried to call number back but wont connect... Just another long line of scam companies who call you using an autodial system. Blocked and reported


Just had a call from this and 2 other numbers, didn't answer any, and going by the comments here, have blocked all 3 of them!


Called me saying they from Citizens Advice about debts. Even knew my name told them i dont have debts and she hung up


Calls to mobiles are charged between 6p and 32p per minute from landlines and are typically not included in free call packages. Call costs from mobiles vary according to the calling plan chosen. Typically they cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls between mobile phones are normally included in free call packages.


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Scammer.. prank caller uses multiple names like: Jeff, Dickson, Hayden etc


I have dealt with Real Recons for a couple of months now and never had any problems seems a nice guy so not sure why people are placing bad things probably a competitor


Supposed to be Sebastian Curie Who knows him he said he is in IRAN.


Kid from Kent no harm wrong number


If there is way to find out this womans address can someone please let me know, she is the devil, i gave her my cat when we gave away our kittens to her and we were going abroad so we wanted the cat back after we came back, but now she has blocked my number and i have no idea how to find her address, I live in Manchester and she lives in Birmingham, 50+ yrs old and this is what this woman is doing


Some crazy woman who I keeps calling me despite me asking her repeatedly to stop. Three hours of non stop calls is not unusual this has resulted in stress and caused my epilepsy to become worse. I request that your mobile provider deactivate her number as I have recordedinhgs of her admitting to being purposefully harassing if further evidence is required


called me today about car accident, says he is from swift claim, he new my name, he says has details from my insurance, but after few question he asked me whose my insurer? why he calls from mobile? then he gave me this number "company number" 02081332852 (checked and not very promising good)


Calls regularly - indian sounding guy - didn't know my name when I asked who he would talk to


I think there is someone faking being the metropolitan police to get iTunes voucher..


Claims to be HSBC, have received identical texts from different numbers several times over 2 days


Getting calls at random times. Has been blocked


Constantly calling during a night!!!


Text, saying I've been watching lots of porn this month and I will be billed accordingly. Likely a scam but unsure


Got a text from this number with the following Hi ****** 'Thank you for subscribing to localfucks. Your monthly fee will be taken from card ending **** on the 1st of every month.' It had the last 4 of my card in the message . I have never sighed up to this company. Please call 03456654323 to end at any time.


Another strange number!! Where do they come from😂😯😈

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