PHONE NUMBER: 07677847968

07677 847968
Type: Reserved for pagers
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I have had my bill. I phoned this number back it has cost me £2.06 plus VAT a time. DONT RING IT BACK!!! It must be a scam


Called me over twenty times. Tried calling back just goes to 02 voicemail. Obviously a sad idiot. Blocked the number


Calls everyday never enough time to answer before they hang up what an absolute pain and extremely annoying.


Keeps ringing me but hangs up when I try to answer. I've txt this number aswell asking who it is but no reply. Always goes to O2 answer fone so I've now blocked it 😠


keeps ringing me-must be 12 times in the last few days-very annoying!


Calls, hangs up, calls, hangs up..... pain in the butt


This no is pissing me off always calling then after 2 rings hangs up


Pain in the arse.


Calls several times a day. One or 2 rings then hangs up. Call back and it's an 02 message service. Late call was 9.45pm.


Always hangs up when I answer, tried calling back but it comes up with unable to answer calls/ number not known


I'm having exactly the same, rings twice never get to answer it, as by the time I get to my phone it rings off. i try ringing back but it just rings and rings and then o2 answer machine comes on, iv txt it twice but have had no reply, iv had it about 6_7 times a day for the last five days and from any where from 9 o'clock in the morning to about eleven o'clock at night who is it and what do they want


Calling every 2 hours up until midnight rings twice then hangs up can't get through to them as don't take incoming calls I hav now blocke them


Missed calls, call back, my call time is going but it's just ringing out. Hope not one of these numbers that charge for calling back.


Called every two hours yesterday until 9.40 only rings twice. Just got another call today I hope they don't actually get through as they will get one irate person answering !!12


Constantly ringing upto 8 times I. One day call back it just rings an rings then goes to o2 voicemail.


8 missed calls in one day!! Now blocked


Been called 8 times in one day until nearly midnight. No message left. Very annoying. No answer when I call back.


07677847968 just called me in the middle of the night I'm fuming tried calling back but it looks like they don't accept incoming calls !!!!!!


Dont know but who ever it is rings up to 7 timed a day


this number has called me several times between 11am and 11.30pm. I texted to ask who it was but had no reply and looking at comments here I suspect it's just a nuisance call so it's going on block.


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Rang then hung up after a couple of rings


It says this number is reserved for pagers so I don't know how it called me!! B


Stated problem with my Talk Talk broadband which they will fix. Did not know my name! Sounded like the call was from Asia.(spoke poor english) I do not have an account with Talk Talk!!!!


I have received at least 8 calls from this number in as many days; asking what brand of washing machine I have and checking my postcode - I have not given them any clarification. Having received another call today, following their first call at 08.45am I asked them not to call again as my number is XD. The operative became very abusive shouting over me and said he WOULD call again.


accident claims centre annoying asian sounding man asking how i am not in mood to be asked so hung up when he said he was from accident claims fed up of these calls


Whoever has this number is calling mobiles randomly, When you answer they hang up but it costs you money Apparently one person was charged £42 when they called it back to try and find out who they are, And another £14 for sending a text. Be warned !!!


Calling me at all hours add to block list


Keeps calling and puts the phone down when I answer. Tried calling back but won't connect


I don't know who called me today 07677847997


Missed the call tried phoning back not even a ring tone


i want to know who caled me


When I picked up the phone the line was silent . No-one speaks. This happens a lot and is very annoying. These people should be found and fined. Grrr!

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