PHONE NUMBER: 07700128151

077001 28151
Type: Mobiles
Mobile phone network: Nationwide Telephone Assistance
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07700128151 called me just now. Came up as Jersey?? No vm left and reading comments im going to block


I haven't answer the phone, no message left, after reading these comments I'll block the no


they phoned my mobile, I deleted cos I didn't recognise the number and they rang straight back this happened 3/4 times then they finally gave up. Glad I did after reading what everyone here has said.


cheeky barstewards think we are stupid


Call from credit department about my unsecured loan, said I didn't have any and he hung up!


A man who would not give me his name, saying he represented the Government. He said he was from the Credit Investigation Department and that I had debts of over £5,000 which I do not.


This number showed up as a missed call twice on my phone this evening. Looking at the comments I have blocked the number from my phone.


I missed this call today around 7pm on 17/03/16. Looks like he called lots of people as seen from comments below. Glad I missed it!


Man called several times today swore at me and hung up saying I owed him money


I was called at approximately 7pm today 17 /3 /16 A very muffled voice asked if the could speak to ?? I told him I couldn't hear what he was saying and asked who he was. There was no answer to that so I told him he had a wrong number. He wasn't rude or anything but there was something about his voice that sounded as if he was drunk


Vulgar Asian sounding man told me I owe money


07700 128151


Claimed to be citizens advice about my unsecured debts which I don't even have so I told them to F off .... So sick of all these people ringing me!!! I get so many a day now it's ridiculous.... Another number for my block list


Dodgy call centre, blood sucking leech.


This number called me today. I didn't answer as I don't accept calls from numbers I don't recognize. From reading other peoples comments can I urge you to report this number to the information commissioners office at Also money saving expert has some advice with dealing with spam texts and calls.


I received a call from this number today 17th march 2016. It was obvious this was a call centre (could hear usual background voices etc) so I rather curtly said "what is this about" and they person then said that I was a "FU**ING idiot" and promptly hubg up - nice.


Said I owed money I don't when I asked how they got number they put phone down


Third call have got from a random mobile number... by the comments a lot of people just got this call today. said they could get rid of my debts by 40%- i have no debts and then asked me for the amount i owe on any loans and said i dont give that information out and he become annoyed.


Called today and left no message - looking at the comments, seems they are calling everyone


I had call from a chap on this number this afternoon, said they were from FCA and my file had been passed to them in regards to payments I am making towards unsecured debts and asked if this was correct. I said I didn't disclose that type of information and he said; yes you will mother f**ker then hung up, reported as abusive call.


Calls to mobiles are charged between 6p and 32p per minute from landlines and are typically not included in free call packages. Call costs from mobiles vary according to the calling plan chosen. Typically they cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls between mobile phones are normally included in free call packages.


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It's a company called FIRST CALL. They're ambulance chasers who ring to try and get you to pursue a personal injury claim. They resort to this mobile number when you're blocked all their other attempts to contact you. Their main number - 01372 236135. They also try withheld numbers often. Just completely ignore them. I'm going to report these scumbags.


Message received from this number: URGENT:DVLA Swansea have been trying to contact you, Click below for more information. - leads to fake site requesting details to process 'refund' - looks fairly legit so BEWARE!


Received text stating We have been trying to contact you regarding your PPI Claim, we now have details of how much you are due ...... Avoid scam. I received this text whilst overseas so o2 will now charge me £4.99 for receiving this as I was abroad. Also received another 2 PPI claims on 7/2 and 3/2 so that's another £4.99 x 2. Cant someone stop these texts?


Missed call from this number, no voicemail left. If they call again I will answer and see what they say...


Random Chinese sounding clown "Calling about my Windows computer" hung up when I began to interrogate him!


Keeps asking for personal information. sounds foreighn


Anal sex survey from Indonesia.


Called me, but no answer.


just a little inbred kid...


Called me today and hung up after 10 seconds. Not voice on the other end of the line


I didn't answer, no voicemail left though.


This is a peadofiles number in bradford west yorkshire grooming under age girls beware of this number 07706775515


Said they were from Microsoft Support and claimed there was a problem with my Windows computer. Clearly a scam, as warned in the press, with the intention to extort money as Microsoft would not do this. I told them as such and they hung up


Abusive caller making threats none stop texting me and calling me and 1 in the morning the police have been informed


Frequent calls by different people from Savers Club - 3 received today - asking for my daughter by name. Have repeatedly asked them to remove our name and number from their database but the calls keep coming.

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