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07700 900375
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Male Asian voice with a questionnaire.


Called at 9pm last night. Hung up when we answered. Too late to be calling. Have now blocked the number


this number rang. as i didn't recognise it I ignored it and they rang off without leaving a message. Simple conclusion: if someone is genuine they will leave a message so I will continue to ignore such calls. Sadly the TPS isn't worth anything at all now in trying to prevent these nuisance calls.


This number called while I was out,but failed to leave any message,no point in phoning someone if you don't leave a message...still when they phone again and this number comes up on the caller display I won't bother to answer..!


female rang at 2:45 today said they were conducting a survey which would not take long and it was NOT a sales call. i said i did not want to answer any questions as invariably these so called survey calls end up with more calls from their associates trying to sell me something. after trying once again to get me to participate she hung up when i refused to give any information. number now blocked on my phone and blocked through the BT Call Protect service which i only signed up to today so lets hope it blocks out these nuisance calls in future..


Number rings up and hangs up as soon as you answer it f***ing annoying


Yeah, phoned four times today asian voice on answer phone just saying, hello, hello then went dead. Very annoying had them on the phone last week as well.


This number has phoned several times in the past. If I get a number phone that I don't recognise I just let it go to answerphone this number never leaves a message


This number tried to get through but did NOT succeed as we have a BT call blocker phone! We bought one to cut out these scam phone calls!! It works! Doesnt ring my end!! Just logs the number, i look at the list of failed scam phone calls at night and press delete!! Very satisfying!! Buy the phone! Its from Argos!! Costs us less than 5 pounds a month!! Thats all! I would NEVER go back to an ordinary phone!! Everyone should have one!! I try to tell everyone how good they are!!! They are easy to set up and use!!






This number called me at 18:04 today. It was a heavy Asian accent with a lot of background noise. I could not make out much of what he was saying but I did catch the word "club". I added it to my ever-going list of blocked numbers and hung up.


Woman with heavy Asian accent who said she was doing servey and had questions to ask me. She said she called before but I was busy. This is not true, I NEVER do surveys or answer strangers questions. I told her I don't answer questions to which she told me 'you have to'. Yeah right, I think NOT! I repeated sternly 'I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS ' and hung up.. How dare they try and make people think they don't have a choice in the matter. DO NOT GET SUCKED IN. HANG UP AND BLOCK THE NUMBER.............


Heavy accented male who knew my name and maintained he was from a savings club. Said he had phoned before but this was incorrect as I have caller display. When I refused to confirm my name, he stated that the questions and answers were to be used in accordance with some law/directive. I then decided to end the call, which I did.


Wanted to make a survey for a savers club. I am ex-directory!!!


Just had a call from this number. Heavy Asian accent lots of noise in the background. Said from Savers Club. Im not in a savers club. Told him to remove my number from their database. He new my name so quite concerning! He hung up


Very strange, got a call from this number , they knew my name and we are ex-directory and wanted to make a survey for a savers club. I am not in any savers club


Heavily accented Asian male, very loud background noise. Calling from 'savers club' 'to do a survey'. Knew my name. Also said he had called before. I hung up as he said he 'couldn't hear me' when I asked where they're got this number from.


Call at 8:30 tonight! No message left


Call a t 8:30 tonight! No message left


Calls to mobiles are charged between 6p and 32p per minute from landlines and are typically not included in free call packages. Call costs from mobiles vary according to the calling plan chosen. Typically they cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls between mobile phones are normally included in free call packages.


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I didn't pick up, but this number called me from UK - I'm from sweden and I have no business with anyone in the UK.


Didnt answer then tried to call back and it cut me off without answering


Phone number 07704465646 called today. When answered, phone was silent, but after a little while an automated voice said "goodbye".


They rang off as soon as answerphone cut in.


tHIS NUMBER WAS GIVEN BY A FAKE PLENTY OF FISH USER, used fake photos and tried to arrange date but would not talk on phone. Be very careful if asked a date by this guy


A morning of dropped calls.


Purport to be from TalkTalk Techinical Department


Say they are BT Openreach Asian accent men, consistently ringing me since I had a BT Openreach engineer visit, no one can tell me how they know I had a visit but that it is not BT Openreach calling and no one but your supplier would have access to your router, in which they can do directly!!? Apparently BT Openreach are aware of these calls and working on this, but have not shared the information with the engineers to warn consumers!!? The initial call was an hour after he had left!!? Saying the engineer needed to make some alterations to the slow speed I was getting (which was the issue I was having!!?) so while he was at the exchange they need access to my router and wanting to get access through the computer, DO NOT DO IT.


Mobile: 07709 909183 The caller always asks for a Mrs Jefferies and it is to my works provided mobile phone. It has been going on for around 12 months and a call about once/twice a month. However much I ask them to remove my number from their system (and they say they will) their calls continue.


Someone keeps calling me from this number, but I have voicemail yet they will NOT leave a message. It is not a number in my list of contacts


it was eurus' number in sherlock series


Text saying GOOD NEWS your mobile number won £48,500 Samsung UK/Malaysia New Year promo. Anyone else hit this, is it a scam? Sounds like it is K41


An Asian sounding man was trying to con my elderly father out of his life savings by selling him double glazing and requesting a cheque up front. Thankfully we had already taken all my father's money away. Please be careful if this person calls you.


HSBC systems detected unusual login attempts on your account.


This is a joiner that does cash in hand soon he's paid completely he doesn't finish the job 😡😡😡

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