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07709 467857
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A Benjamin just called on this mobile number. I told him I am not with TalkTalk because they're useless. He said it didn't matter, I told him it did so he came out with the usual nonsense of hacking/viruses/imminent world war three invasion from Mars etc., etc., so I told him to s** off. He should think himself lucky, I could have been really to the point!!!.


Caller claiming to be from TalkTalk technical department - obviously now using mobile numbers because I have caller display and answered in case it was someone I knew. I suppose I have to be just satisfied in the knowledge that I am NEVER going to fall for their tricks.....


Idiot said she was from Talk Talk, I'am not with Talk Talk


Called today. Said from talk talk. I informed him I am registered not to receive calls from them and he hung up. Indian sounding person. Pain in the neck.


Contacted TalkTalk who confirmed this is not their number.Said they would block the number in 72hrs. Do not follow their instructions and block call or hang up and contact TalkTalk Customer Services on official number. TalkTalk will never contact you in this way.


Indian man called claiming there was a fault from Talk Talk, asked if my mum had a computer, she said no - he hung up. disgusting how this can happen, intimidating an old lady.


'Talktalk' not! Wanted to access my computer to speed up my internet...said it was in for repair...asked if I had a laptop..said no..they hung up.


Had call from this number claiming to be talktalk technical services and my router was under attack . I hung up.


Same here except an Indian woman calling herself Shelley lol told me my TalkTalk connection was insecure and under threat....feeling very bored....I hung up lol! Now the number is blocked.


Just received a call from this number claiming to be from Talk talk and l had a problem with my internet. I no longer use TT but still received these SCAM calls.


This number just called me but i did'nt answer as i know it is a scammer pretending to be from Talk Talk. once before a scam caller had my telephone account number (so convinceing) perhaps Talk Talk should tighten up their security as someone is leaking customers details out!! Or do they want to loose a lot of customers? the scammers are using mobile numbers & when it is blocked they use a different one but simular..


Had a few missed calls from this number... I ring it back it goes to Vodafone voicemail. Picked up a call today, the person on the other end proposed he was from talk talk and that my network isn't secure. He asked if I was in front of my computer I replied I haven't got one, he said a laptop, I replied I haven't got one. The phone was then quickly put down. I rang ICO to complain about this nuisance call. He informed me this is not a nuisance call, it's an attempt of fraud so I am now currently on the phone to actionfraud 03001232040 to report this.


Call me all the time answered it one day and they said my PC was at threat, challenged them with all sorts of questions and they just try to dodge them defo a scam, indian call centre. Chatted with taltalk n they say they would never call customers from a mobile number and unless we had contacted them first to receive a call back.


They rang off when I answered. Having seen the above comments I guess they're riding on the two recent TalkTalk security breaches of personal data and router security. Almost certainly criminal intent so don't touch these people and block if you can


saying they were from TalkTalk and that there had been a problem with my Internet . Background sounded like a call centre.


Call 2.03pm *TalkTalk* Security! I hung up! They rang about a month or two ago!


Missed a call today from this number and had several calls from a number almost the same before Christmas that were Talk Talk scams so be aware as the scammers are useing mobile numbers now and when its been blocked they use another number, why can't they be stopped annoying people?


The woman claim to be from Talk Talk and her name is Andrea. Haha!Another Andrea. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said the supervisor is busy, so I asked her what is her talktalk working ID. She just said that she will ask the supervisor to call back when he/she is available. Why they pick Talk Talk? It is because use a lot of people from the middle east whose English is not great. That makes people like these got a chance. Maybe I should switch phone company?


07709 467857 called claiming to be talk talk......


Scam caller pretending to be talk talk


Calls to mobiles are charged between 6p and 32p per minute from landlines and are typically not included in free call packages. Call costs from mobiles vary according to the calling plan chosen. Typically they cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls between mobile phones are normally included in free call packages.


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Called me today and hung up after 10 seconds. Not voice on the other end of the line


I didn't answer, no voicemail left though.


This is a peadofiles number in bradford west yorkshire grooming under age girls beware of this number 07706775515


Said they were from Microsoft Support and claimed there was a problem with my Windows computer. Clearly a scam, as warned in the press, with the intention to extort money as Microsoft would not do this. I told them as such and they hung up


Abusive caller making threats none stop texting me and calling me and 1 in the morning the police have been informed


Frequent calls by different people from Savers Club - 3 received today - asking for my daughter by name. Have repeatedly asked them to remove our name and number from their database but the calls keep coming.


Energy help line who won't take not interested in what they are saying


I don't know who is the owner but i suspected it is scam. Better becarefull.


Apparently silent call. However after about 15-20 seconds an automated voice said something to the effect that it was an invalid extension 'please hand up and call back later'. All this despite that I had not initiated the call.


Caller purported to be from "Savers Club" and wanted to do a survey. I declined and hung-up.


Asked for me by name when calling my mobile. Someone saying they were from USX (I think) and started to talk about profiting from some kind of account. I said I'd need to speak later as I was out and about and couldn't hear very well. The same company has since phoned me from two other numbers - 07700 900298 and 01632 960311 but as it's clearly a call centre and no one answers until I've said hello about 6 times, I've hung up as I think it's so rude to call someone then not speak when they answer.


rang off then answer phone kicked in


Called, asking for me by name, assumed it was for a survey so put down the phone. Didn't identify themselves.


A mr Terry travo tobias. He sent me a parcel from the UK. Now he says I must pay R4000 into an account before parcel can be delivered but the banking details are not those of a courier company but in a private capacity. Think this is a scam


I'm morning sure all I know it was something to do with a curse proberbly someone messing about

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