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Who knows who the caller is? Nobody speaks... Just constantly calls us.. No number recognised when returning the call


Strange incoming call which is short of a digit for a mobile number. Nobody on the other end after man initial office noise. I suspect they are just doing random dial to see who answers then they know which numbers to dial for sales calls. A unique data mining exercise. When you get a call from a computer which asks if you want to make a claim say or press the button which responds to a "Yes". When they call you keep them on for as long as possible. Make up a story about an accident or PPI or whatever they are after then at the end say you've already been paid out thousands! This costs these people a fortune and they won't bother you again. They cross you off their lists and effectively blacklist you. I don't get any of these any more!


Some guy from trading company. Very unprofessional pitch, bad line and I could hear he was driving.


Called by someone from trading, when asked what company he said we're not a company but free lance. Would not take no for an answer so just hung up. I'm getting fed up with these, I spoke to tps service and they said its against the law for them to call phones on their register but it doesn't stop them. Come on Tps what's the point registering if you let people have our numbers!


called me on my mobile but when I answered hung up immediately


Ha Ha, tough luck scammers I've got BT Call Blocker, one ring and you're disconnected.


Silent call


Silent call


Asian sounding man. Asked if I was me by my name. Then hung hug. I called back. Discontinued number.


Asian-sounding man calling himself David asking for me by name. Crackly line so couldn't hear properly what he was trying to sell.


Just an hour earlier read and article about these nuisances. They seem to call to just about any number - this time a number in Finland.


Every time I put the phone down she keeps phoning me back!!


phoned again today but no reply when I answered. maybe cos she couldn't understand me again. see 27/12/2016


Called me today... You could hear the office in the background but no one spoke and hung up, then my phone seemed to call the number back. please sort these calls out as I am disabled and am getting fed up with non stop nuisance calls


I am getting fed up with these calls from rude people that don't take no for an answer. I am disabled so why would I want to do I trading. just stop calling or the police will become involved


jade calling from london. sounded like she was on the street. said she was calling from financial trading. told her twice I was a disabled pensioner so what would I want with financial training. the cheeky git then asked what language I was speaking. as a born and bred Geordie and proud of it told her to eff off.


Called trying to get customer feed back about b2n trading which we have never done


Bogus. Called back on another number within a few seconds to have another go.


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Sandiclife garage car collection/delivery


Computer scam07707864699


Foreign fraudster pretending to be Inland Revenue investigator and attempting to defraud in the Cheshire area UK


Called me today at 14.28. Did not leave a message.


blazer buttons. what do I want with these and how did they get my number. just rang then hung up


Scam. Wanted to know about my credit history. Foreign voice from a mobile which would not accept incoming calls


Rude woman called herself Jenny - Asian/Indian accent , says she is from a refund place line was bad so difficult to hear what she was saying - when I refuse to confirm who I am she tells me to fuck off British lady ....... Nice


I answered said hello they hanged up!?


Foreign man saying my creditors are not happy with my missed payments and they have handed my debt over to him to deal with. Keep getting cut off when I try to return call number is unavailable. I don't have any debt and don't know how he has got my name and phone number.


Called me and hung up


When this number called me I answered and it was just silent

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