PHONE NUMBER: 07800555218

07800 555218
Type: Mobiles
Mobile phone network: EE
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Don't know who this is - they were on about PPI claim & to check how much I would get!!! If anyone knows who they are please help me find out!


Had a text this morning from this number saying we have been trying to contact you regarding your PPI claim, we now have details of how much you are due, reply POST for your pack or STOP to opt-out Pull the other one scammers, you are not getting details from me regarding this as I already have a claim with a legit company who are dealing with me as we speak. Scumbags have never tried to contact me so pull the other one, I was not born yesterday and not a flaming mug. Do these people think we are stupid.


Called then just silence on the line. Ithink it may have been a genuine mistaken call.


Usual PPI scammers, saying they have details of "how much I'm due." They can't have; they don't know me and I've never been stupid enough to pay for PPI. Just delete or set to blacklist if you can be bothered! If anyone has responded and found out who they are, please post the info.


Just had a text of this number saying Hii my name is Sarah Ive broken my arm, I also had a call from a unknown number too, unless these two are connected.


Message read: 'We have been trying to contact you regards your delayed or cancelled flight. You could be owed up to £510.' Pity that I haven't actually organised or booked a flight!!!


"Attempts have been made to contact you regarding your PPI claim. We now have details of how much you are due. Reply POST for your pack or STOP to opt out." Ha! No other attempts have been made, and I haven't a PPI claim anyway!


Text stating due compensation for delayed or cancelled flight. Wanting a text back. Don't think so!


Had text messages and missed calls from this number and when i tried to call it back seems no line active. Think this may be a dodgy number.


Really annoying calls and then you are unable to call back to see who it is? I have now blocked this caller


Received text from unknown source. Message as follows: NEWLYN PLC ARRANGEMENT CONFIRMATION: Initial amount of £272.32 on 31 Jan 2017, followed by £272.32 every 31 days starting 28 February 2017. Visit (link here) to pay. Newlyn appears to be an online collections agency, but I cannot guarantee that any links provided in the text are legitimate.


They have details of my PPI claim. Oh, really?


an unknown number called


Red Kite Code, 1 Bell Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1BU 07803 807 835


[The Banks are refunding customers who have paid a monthly fee on packaged accounts, act now for your refund by replying BANK or stop to opt-out]

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