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07809 679632
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I had this number call me 5 times in 2 days..I answered the last call Asian lady asking for my name from a debt management company which I forgot..I pretended to have a speech impediment and kept her online...doing my head in and making me nervous


Man saying he's from Credit Investigation Agency. Knew me by name. Became abusive and hung up. Reported to Greater Manchester Police and Action Fraudline who have confirmed it's a routed call (A fraudster is using someone else's number without them knowing). Also called o2 and age them the heads up. Do NOT answer as they could get routed access to your number.


Don't answer


i have missed 2 calls from this number today i won,t answer numbers i don,t know and i then put them to my voice mail i usually then don,t here from them again


A guy with Asian accent told me " we have received your credit file and to pay off your credit, you can pay the credit instalments". I said, why don't you just fuck off? He then quickly hung up.


Called on my mobile at 19.00 tonight, said she was Jenny from Citizens Advice - Said she know I had outstanding debts that I was having trouble paying (which I don't) and she would help Frightening thing is that she knew my name. I'm not in any phone book so where did she get it from? Only place I can think of is Facebook !!! I'm just off to remove my nuber from my profile


This no called me, i picked up the phone but didnt speak, they hung up without speaking


Said they were from the credit card investigation department, after I had told them that I have no credit cards and have never had a credit card, they just hung up (SCAM)


Missed about 10 calls from this number, finally managed to answer and man claimed to be from credit investigation department, there was unpaid debts in my name. After saying that's not possible he hung up on me. Sounds very very robotic but it was an Indian man talking I believe


Added on whatsapp picture of a girl asked what she wanted who she was and no reply


claimed to be raj malhotra from citizen advice bureau asking about unpaid debt. Scam


Had the same from this number today, multiple calls. Also put the number in whatsapp and got a pic of young girl. Sent message saying "tell me who you are them maybe we can talk" just keeps ringing! Gonna block the number


This number has just again she went by the name of Kate, when she said how are you the line got cut off, the call sounded robotic. apparently it was something to do with debts.


Had a missed call of this number


I added the number to my WhatsApp - there was a picture of a girl. Keeps ringing all day and when I try to call back - the line doesn't answer.


Called claiming to be from Citizen's Advice Bureau about my outstanding debts - when questioned further he phished to see if I had any unsecured loans.


Claimed to be 'Mike' from Citizens Advice Bureau calling about unsecured debts.


This number has repeatedly called me claiming all sorts of things, he won't give me a company name and saying I have debts


Claimed to be from citizens advice. Wanting me to write off my debts. When I politely told him I wasn't interested he became very abusive and told me to "fuck off idiot lady" several times.


Indian accent. Call centre background chatter. Pretended to from Citizens Advice saying I have debts in my name. I said I wasn't interested and to remove from their list and he hung up


Calls to mobiles are charged between 6p and 32p per minute from landlines and are typically not included in free call packages. Call costs from mobiles vary according to the calling plan chosen. Typically they cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls between mobile phones are normally included in free call packages.


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called but i didnt answer as its a number im unfamilier with any one know????


Been called by this number 3 times in last 4 days. First time I managed to answer and sounded like a butt dial. No idea who it was though


I need to the name of phone number


I don't know but they sound like a female.


Arrtal Kitchens, Plymouth A male caller asking about a washing machine I had supposed to have received from them. I replied you must have wrong number and ended the call.


Fraudulent fake dvla site offering tax disc rebate


This number called us twice within minutes at 05.18 on Sunday 12/3/17. Caller wise it was silent, no breathing, movement etc but what sounded like a male TV presenter on faintly in the background. Repeatedly said hello but absolutely no reply.


Ordered a watch online from SP Legacy. Amount was withdrawn from my account with this number followed by the name Time pieces under the extra information section of the online banking transaction. Tried calling but no answer. Tried a second time and line was unreachable. Ordered on the 25th of February and have received no correspondence, order confirmation or goods from this company. CALLED BANK TO BLOCK. PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM THEM. POSSIBLY A SCAMING COMPANY.


he rapped me and then licked my bum hole


Molson Coors technician


Calling for a job application I submitted. I think it is a recruitment company.


This number has come up on my landline three times today. I do not respond to numbers I do not recognise. Who or whatever it was did not leave a message.


This is the number of a fucking annoying prankster


Some guy who know my email address and names, but wasn't from an official working account to call me.


1St call was from Credit Investigation Department saying I had outstanding unsecured loans, 2nd call was from Cab asking to talk to me when I said he was obviously talking to me he told me to F*** Off then hung up. The same number for both calls he knew my name and number. TOTAL SCAM

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