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0800 952 4883
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Called me and he/she hung up


They wont stop calling me. 9 times in 48hrs and they have left 1 voicemail with just background noice. Annoying!!!


Phoned every day for a few weeks. Answered before to hear silence.', answered again today and lady claiming to be from o2 asked me about my contracts. Managed to avoid answering questions but beware!!


time wasting scam


o2, I answered the call no one spoke so I hung up phoned the number back and the recording stated id missed a call from o2, eh no I didn't I answered and no one spoke.


3rd time I've been called by this number since yesterday, picked up once and the man sounded fake and hesitated when saying hello so I hung up straight away, glad I've read these comments!!!


Convergys Unit 2 Stakehill Lane Middleton MANCHESTER M24 2UG Spammers


Claims to be O2, offering 50% off bill. Ha ha like they would ever really do that. 2nd time calling over 4 days. Scammer! Harasser!


said his name was sammy from o2 rewards dept asked me how my contract was going so i hung up if it was o2 they should know how my contract was going


Had lots of calls from this number,didn't know who it was.dont answer numbers I don't recognise etc


Claimed to be josh from o2, had some benefits for me being a loyal customer but wanted to do an account review first. Sounded very plausible but thankfully something made me say no. I still received a text with a code to enter to continue to use my account which also says if u didn't authorise this please contact o2. Did so and o2 knew nothing. Disagree with comment from 4/1/17, def has potential to be dangerous Total scam Beware!


C*nt who keep calling me 3 times a day


Seemed to have some private old info about me, wanted me to give them my new details to confirm who I was (despite not having them so how could they confirm). When I asked what company they were calling from and why they needed them, they hung up. Auto blocked but just seen copious attempts to call me since


Fed up of this number calling.


Rings twice but no conversation ,noises rude guy and 😜


Pretending to be from O2. Doesn't sound legit.


Called me both yesterday and today & today also left me a voicemail of just 4 seconds.. Playing this voicemail, all it was, was a male laughing with a lot of background noise (a busy road/walking) Very weird & disturbing! Do not answer/return the calls! Added to my block list


Claimed to be from o2 it sounded suspicious so I said not interested..Called o2 direct 0202 and confirmed scam call do not give them any details


Didn't answer.


O2 trying to upsell you more, due to things they've noticed on your account. I get one of these calls like clockwork a day or 2 after my data is refreshed and I got close to my data limit the previous month.


A number of businesses and organisations use Freephone numbers, including some helplines,charities and Government services. Calls are free of charge from all consumer landlines and mobile phones. If you are calling from a business phone, you should check with your provider whether there will be a charge for calling 08009524883


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repeated calls at different times of day and evening no message left to indicate enquiry


Didn't answer the call as been receiving unknown calls in the last week.


They pretend to be your current energy supplier


Guy phoning to see if I'd been in an accident - he told me to F Off when I told him to stop phoning. Lovely dick head


Said BT something wrong with my computer and to switch on refused lady got a bit irate


Called today but it didnt ring for long was curious to who it waa


Emergency Response Group


A woman named LOIBEEN called and said she was from BT mobile and I had some unusual activity on my phone and there is an outstanding amount of £223.30. I asked for the mobile number this was connected to and she told me the mobile number. I am not with BT mobile and this was not my mobile phone. Asked me to ring back and speak to credit management and after a brief conversation she admitted to being in the Philippines. Gave this number to ring back on, got the other number off 1471, 08000285085. A scam, beware.


claimed to be a telephone preference service that can block nuisence calls


A trusted Microsoft technician


I looking for name company . I have got just number


Tesco automated survey which they had requested permission for the day before.


SCAMMERS SCAMMERS!!!!! Under the name of Microsoft they detect your IP, with a pop up window ask to call and try to fraud you and take your money! Being lucky to stop the payment to process to Zest Technology through a lady saying she was Marie Thomas with employee id 85733/009


Said they were Domestic and General. No sure it was them due to questions asked. They rang on the pretext that they were informing me that their phone number has changed.


Stepchange Debt Charity (Economy Energy)

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