PHONE NUMBER: 08437132792

0843 713 2792
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Received a call from this number on 11/01/17. It was someone calling on behalf of Honda UK inviting me to an unveiling event for the new Honda Civic. I bought a car from them 4 years ago and still have it so I don't see this call as malicious. Possibly a call centre that works for a lot of different companies, I don't know. But in my case it was only a slightly nuisance call.


They rang my work mobile then my personal mobile within about 5 minutes, so they've obviously got my details from somewhere!


Called me twice within 5 minutes. i didnt answer or call back because i check on this website first!


Keep calling me on my personal mobile phone. The only people who have my number are friends, family, my bank and car insurance company. They are either just chance dialling, or the bank or insurance company have sold on my number.


[email protected] call and then never answer when I pick up.


Prank Call Bastards !!!


Called 3 times when I rang back they hung up. On the block list.


0843 7132792 - YET Another call !!!!!! Easy answer - ADDED to my phones BLOCK Numbers List !!!! What a load of ******* !!!!!!!


Consistently call from 3 separate numbers over course of day but always hang up if you answer by accident!


My UK mobile rang twice at night in New Zealand from this number - picked up but no answer


3 calls 3 days in a row each day the number changed here's the numbers 0843 713 2790 0843 713 2791 0843 713 2792 Same as everyone else's calls they just hang up. My line is registered with the TPS I will definitely be reporting these scum bags!


This number rang my elderly father in law today telling him he had won a car and could they call around at 15:30 and enquired as to whether he was alone. Scammers big time. be careful.


Calling twice a day, never picking it up!


The only people who have my mobile and house number are dwp and nhs are they passing on numbers


They rg today and yesterday, it's silent when I answer. Wonder how they got my number when I rarely give it out except to DWP to do with my work ?? Are DWP passing our numbers on to someone??


Call me twice in two days - silent


Another Crank Call - Where do these companies get our numbers from?? I've not answered or phoned back this number, just let the number ring with out answering it and they will soon lose interest. 55p call charges, not for me but then it's easy money for the company when people do phone back - This is immoral business practice, why does our Government not do some thing to smash these companies???!!!!


I keep getting calls from this number. I rang back the first time I got a missed call and heard a message telling me to hang up. I now realise that it is a scam operation.


called back and someone picks , is silent adn the after a few seconds hangs up.


Calling daily and when I answered the line is silent with no background noise even. Called it back and it connects but no one on the line... this has most likely cost me the 55p listed above of which I am furious about.. these companies need closing down..


The cost of calling 08437132792 is made up of two parts: an access charge going to your phone company and can cost up to 45p per minute. The second part is a service charge set by the organisation you are calling. The service charge for calls to 08437132792 is between 0p and 10p per minute. By adding together the access charge and the service charge, you'll know exactly what the call will cost you.


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Pretending to be santander bank and trying to get you to ring this premium rate number about a possible fraudulent bank transfer... I dint call back..... People should be made aware it's a scam.....


Did not answer the call as I did not know the number and they did not leave a message.


This is a number for block calls I paid £49.99 and I still have nuisance calls 08432897281


No mention in business website that this number costs so much when it is hard to get through and on hold when connected.


Phoned offering no win no fee on my recent, non existant accident. Refused to accept I had not had an accident and insisted I just didnt know I'd had the accident!


Two phone calls in two days. line went dead when answered


Don't call back - calls with no message. High rate number - another scam! Cost me money.


What number is this for?


Cost me money on phone bill


Unsure who this is but it cost me £1.74 for an 11 minute call.


Got a missed call from this number but no message left... who calls me ?


Barclays are conducting a fraud check.


calls but unable to call back.


Unknown number appearing on my bill for a 9 minute long call, £6 for this call. 6 fuckin pounds for a call I didn't have


Cost me 5:41 to talk to this number

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