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Similar approach to those already mentioned - calling from the TPS asking for bank card details for a card that expires in 2017 so that our TPS service would continue. Caller rang off when asked a few details.


Just received call from this number. Indian male voice. Sounds of call centre in the background. Knew my name but called me 'Mrs' instead of 'Miss'. Said he was from the Telephone Preference Information Service. Asked if I received any nuisance or unwanted calls. Then said they were going to block all these calls. At that point I put the phone down.


Same as the others, claim to be from TPS know name and address and then state Debit Card expires 2017.


Silent call from this number. Also added to my blocked numbers list on my mobile and am also about to report them to the ICO/Ofcom. Avoid like the plague.


Keep getting calls from this number but it doesn't connect when I pick up. On trying to call back I get either a number unobtainable signal or an American voice saying 'This number has been disconnected.'


This number has been calling me everyday at regular intervals.


A female Asian voice claiming to be from TPS. I was non-committal to see how it would proceed, When she asked for a cheque book number so they could recognize direct debit payments and still block all other unwanted calls,


13:09 Wednesday 2016-12-28. Male Asian / Arabic voice claiming to be from T P S and trying to extract information. He rang off when I was non-committal about answering him.


Female caller with Asian accent saying she was calling from Telephone Preference Management. I asked if it was TP Services.... She said TP Management. She had my name and address and went on to say "you pay your telephone bill by direct debit, is that right" so I asked what has that got to do with TPS? When I said "I am concerned as to why you are calling..... You must understand that I do not trust Unknown calls..." At which point she hung up! Another for the blocked calls list.


Called several times today. When I answer, the man claimed to be from telephone preference service. Asked me if I still get nuisance calls. I said yes, you! and put the phone down. They continued calling me so I have put the number on call blocker.


Polite Asian sounding gent claiming to be from TPS had my name & address details. Asked details about my Visa card. I wished him a Merry Christmas & hung up. Suggest others do the same.


Asian gentleman purporting to be fromTPS already had my name and address and post code . Then asked for credit card details as he said we had a card expiring in 2017 . My husband terminated call. Clearly a scam but some people could get caught as purporting to be TPS . Since we are on TPS why do we keep getting these scammers?


Asian gentleman purporting to be fromTPS already had my name and address and post code . Then asked for credit card details as he said we had a card expiring in 2017 . My husband terminated call. Clearly a scam but some people could get caught as purporting to be TPS . Since we are on TPS why do we keep getting these scammers?


We have caller display so only pick up when it's a name from our contacts list or when we recognise the area code as being local. We work on the premise, if the caller is genuine and the call important, they will leave a message. This site is so useful to confirm our suspicions of a rogue call such as this!


I received this call today after receiving I did not response and since I have Call blocker in place. I did not have to say any thing. After reading the others comments, I feeel good that I have call blocker. Please take note, Do not give your DR/ CR card details to any one.


Received call from this number today and they asked if I had a debit card expiring 2017. I answered no and they then asked what the expiry date was. I refused to give this over the telephone and they said they only wanted it to ensure they were speaking to the right person. The asked if my name was my wife's (she had never had any dealing with TPS) so I knew it was leading up to a scam. I then terminated the call.


Just had a call from above number - claimed he was from phone blocking and wanted to check debit card expiry. Put phone down on them and few minutes later he called back - so put phone down on him again.


told me they were Tps when they asked about Visa card and bank statements then I hung up, they called me straight back and tried again, so told them I considered this to be a scam call and hung up again, so far so good.....


Said they were from Telephone blocking service. Caller wanted to confirm my address, credit card info (with security number) just to make sure it matched what was on their files. Obviously, it was all bull. The TPS donp;t need credit card numbers, it's a free to opt-in service...which isn't very effective, apparently, or sites like this wouldn't exist.


Con people, all they want is access to your Bank Account. Be very aware.


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Company trying to sell phone blockers special price of £61 for pensioners. Insisting on getting card details.


Someone calling himself Mark claiming to be calling from BT but with an almost unintelligible Asian accent but I could hear lots of other voices, very loud in the background, just like a very busy call centre. Being suspicious I hung up...they called again about an hour later.


Rude Indian guy that said my business was a disgrace as it was listed no.19 on google for local salons. when i said i didn't care he said, "well that's not a great attitude to have" and he hung up!


002000172006 scammers said was bt


supposedly from BT but when challenged they hung up yet another scam


nancy call from BT about my router


A man saying he was from BT and that there is a problem with my router....obvious scam caller


Persistent calls saying they are from BT. They say we a problem with router, and could have a virus. Try to get access to computer.


This number is calling repeatedly, saying it is from British Telecom. The caller says there is a router problem, possibly virus. Appears to be trying to gain access to our computer


Cold calling asking you about a accident hoping you have had one so they can rip you off more than likely some no fee scum solicitor


Caller said he was repairing my bt broadband and asked me to use my computer and told me which keys to press. I told him I didn't have a pc . He then asked me to use my laptop to which I told him I didn't have one so he hung up .


Just had this number call - apparently they were BT and there was problems with my broadband line and hub but they needed me to open up my computer and go through some things with them to check! I hung up


They are scam masters putting virus on yiurnpc saying by they are calling from BT


Said they were from British Telecom, then it just went quiet. When asked to repeat where they were from, they hung up.


foreign speaking gent. couldnt understand a word of what he was saying so just hung up

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