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0113 499 1265
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They called me and said I am eligible for tax credit and she was calling me to confirm my address .she had my post code ,my full name ,also said she is from hmrc and she will send me a self addressed envelope with a former for me to fill up and send .and funniest bit she said hmrc will never ask me to give out any personal details bla bla.but my worry is how is my personal mobile number and address with them .lady sounded more like a Asian (chinese accent) .it's worrying.


I don't know who the company was but they were very insistent that I needed a review of my frozen pension. I told the caller I wasn't interested and hung up. A minute later my phone rang again and my phone showed a private number.I answered as it could have been a call from work. It was the same company so I said goodbye and hung up. Less than a minute later another call from the original number and an insistent individual wanting to know why I didn't want a review. I hung up again and it seemed to work as they didn't try again.




Had this on 22nd Dec. Didnt answer, after reading the comments, now blocked.


Just left an answerphone message - silence and then Goodbye - Isn't it about time that BT for example showed a little bit of muscle and did some work to prevent these imbeciles from making these stupid calls - we're all sick of this - so BT what are you going to do about it???


My S7 Edge marked it as fraud or scam when it was ringing through so I didn't bother answering


Another call from this number but they don'tspeak ! At least 1 ever few days! Bloody annoying. .


financial services. Indian woman. Think she was called Billy Bulls**t. Idiots. Blocked


Free life insurance. Number blocked


Indian sounding woman called this morning and said she was from Financial services of some sort. It was difficult to hear her properly and I said I wasn't interested and asked her to remove my details from their database. She then became abusive and said she would not and that she would call every day. I told her I would report this to the police and she then said she was the police! I told her this was rubbish and hung up. I've since blocked the number, reported the call to the IOC and hope I don't hear from them again.


This number called my work number several times. I usually don't speak and they hang up. This time I said hello. Indian sounding lady. Said she was from the FDA. When I said whats that she said it was the financial regulatory authority in the uk. I started to laugh and she got really shirty. Said 'why are you laughing, this is serious. I am from the FDA'. This made me laugh again - I was thinking Food and Drug Administration you see. She went worse shouting I would be in trouble so I said don't speak to me like that and what exactly do you want. She asked if I was aged below 59. I said you called me and you're from the government so you tell me. My details must be infront of you. She put the phone down.


Said they were Financial service on behalf of Gov't Pensions Advice Service - asked me to confirm personal details/...told them I was not giving any info to an unsolicited call...they were pushy & vague! - have blocked


Silent call. Checked number on here and have blocked straight away. So annoying!


Really they are allowed to phone at 7.36 in the morning can someone invent a way to stop these people


A silent call; I've now blocked the number


Picked the phone up but didn't speak as I didn't recognise the number. Silence for a few seconds then a recorded voice said goodbye


A woman arguing asking why should she take my number off the systems.. erm cos I've asked you too💩??


No idea, just silence for about 30 seconds until I hung up.




Nobody there so just hung up


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Called the number back and got an automated answer in a foreign language.


Answered the call and got silence for a few seconds before they hung up. No idea who it is.


Claimed to be from TalkTalk, calling about my bad internet connection. Asian sounding, bad line with too much static to be a real UK landline. Hung up.


Call to my mobile. I just missed answering it. When I phoned number back it was a recorded message, ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION TEAM ahhhh again, if I wanted to be taken off there list press 1 which I did. Hopefully no more calls.


Call to my mobile. I answered and said "hello" several times. No response. I hung on the line for 20-30 seconds, eventually the line went dead. Presume yet another telesales call / enquiry


Henry Hyams Solicitors Leeds


Sales call regarding an email I had responded to. Polite and direct. I wasn't interested in the end and asked to be removed from list, which they respected. Haven't heard from them since.


Called today saying they were from talktalk. Had a call yesterday but withheld number, again saying from talktalk. I contacted talktalk and they advised that they will never call you unless you agree to them calling.


Someone called. Asked if I was Mrs ??, then asked .. do you have dog. When I said no they said goodbye and hung up..


possible employment spammer


All I know is that the call was from LeedsThey rang me once. I was not able to get to answer the call in time.But straight away they rang my phone again. I answered the call straight away.I said hello at least 4 times or more. Someone was on the phone but they would not speak to me they just hung up. So I did the 1471 and press 3 only to be told that the number I had dialed had not been recognised. This is so annoying and very painful for me as I am disabled and it takes me a while to get up.


SCAM . Call starts as a survey , they may ask have you received vouchers , you won't Have , beacause they don't exist ! You will get asked about you Boiler Make And age ,washer Dryer Ect. After getting more of the same calls in one week. I gave False answers to make and age of appliances . Got call 2 days later telling me my Warrenty was about to expire and I could renew with a card Payment. Be ware THIS IS NOT A SURVEY ITS A FOOT IN THE DOOR FOR A SCAMM


very friendly individual


Pension Co cold calling to help you sort your pension. Said no and they disconnected call.


More cold calling idiots who consider spending all day on the phone randomly cold calling other businesses to try to flog them their wares is a good idea. Block or ignore.

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