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Similar call as most of others. WHY CAN'T BT or TPS BLOCK CALLS FROM THIS NUMBER, as they are obviously scam calls.


Man claiming to be from BT saying there had been hacking activity. Could tell from his responses it was a scam. I hung up.


Man saying he was from BT. He was asking for Mrs W- - - -, but as I'm not married to my partner I told him there was no-one here of that name. When I told him my name he hung up on me. Tried to call back but number not recognised.


Called at 09.20 - no one there and line went dead. We had a similar call yesterday - Indian lady claiming to be from BT and someone was 'hacking in to our broadband" ...obvious a scam from the way she talked and when told we didn't have broadband or any computers the line went dead.


0735am. some Indian female saying she was with BT technical. Not funny as it was early and worried it might be a problem with family at that time of morning. tried phoning back, unavailable. also with TPS.


Called me at 7.20 am line quiet and a then a final "Goodbye". Usually means a person calls later and this has always been a scammer.


Called at 7am. We didn't get to phone in time. On checking the number on the internet we discover it's a scam.


A lady with an Indian accent claiming to be from BT, she asked about my internet connection and I said I didn't have internet and she hung up. yesterday had the same call from a very aggressive man telling me my router was corrupting the whole system and my internet would be turn off, I told him I couldn't deal with him as I was just leaving for work and surprise surprise my internet was still working perfectly by the time I got home 6hours later. The first number was 053787.


Landline went silent when answered


Called at 7.00am but hung up when the answerphone kicked in


I had a woman with an Indian accent on the phone this afternoon claiming to be from BT, saying that as the company providing the line rental, they had received reports that unknown third parties were connecting to our router, so BT were about to pull the plug on our phone. She wanted me to log onto my computer to read the info from some fault reports. I suspect the so called fault reports were actually information she'd require to hack into my laptop. I said my computer was upstairs and could I have a number to call her back, and she hung up. The computer guru where I work says they try to get you to delete files on your hard drive that they tell you are dangerous, but they're actually your restore files so after they finish screwing you over you can't even get your laptop working again...


Total Scam - why don't they bu@@er off & I'm signed with TPS !


Answered this number and it was an Indian man, he said he was calling from BT and there was a security risk to my internet, asked me to see what color the light was on my router, which was blue, he ask if i shared with anyone else, then went on to ask me to go to my PC, which I then told him I was not computer minded, never used it etc, which I do, he started stuttering then asked did I not even use it for online shopping, banking etc, again I said I didn't even know how to turn it on, he soon went after that, I knew from the start it was a scam, I just wanted to play him at his own game.....


Computer scam.


SCAM : Claiming to be from Microsoft. Do not give them access to your PC by following their instructions. Do not give them money to fix a " problem " which does not exist.


Started giggling when I said "Hello" and then hung up. My phone number is ex-directory.


Landline phone rang 12.23 a gentleman with an accent said hello. I rang off. I am getting fed up with either calls when nobody answers and often there is no way of finding who they were on 1471 It happens often around 9am so I just let it go to answer phone and they usually hang up once my message begins.


Man with an Indian accent told me he was from Microsoft and I had a problem with my computer, oh dear have I I replied, asked me to switch on the computer and asked what I could see, what I can normally see I told him, but what's that he wanted to know, he was getting fed up I think, well it's a lovely picture of my family that's what I can see and iit's the second time you've called me, clear off or I'll report you to the police, he ranted in a foreign language and hung up!!!


Lady with an Indian accent rang from BT to say they'd had notifications about problems with my Internet connection and asked how many devices I had connected to the router. She became a bit confused when I answered nome. I also told her as I was with sky and I would ring them up to sort it. She eventually went quiet or hung up when I said I would ring BT to check it wasn't a scam lol


Mike, with South Asian accent. Claimed to be from Microsoft, I immediately offered to give him my passwords (sarcastically). He called me 'a very idiot person'! LOL


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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01398361526 - Telemarketing but not identifying as such.


Redstart something???


Hung up without speaking when I rang back.


This is a ppi and bank charges nuisance call


This is a market research organisation hiding behind an ordinary number. Wants you to do a "short questionnaire". I avoid these at all costs...


Calling for my predecessor as it is a works mobile. Apparently AAB Legal. Gentleman polite when I said that the chap he asked for no longer works for the company and apologised for taking up my time. Usual 01392 971*** number that I regularly get calls from - didn't realise that Exeter had so many call centres :-)


called, but, as usual, left no message. Always wary of these.


I missed the call. When I rang back after checking this site the phone rang but then dropped the connection. I assume marketing call.


This number keeps calling me every day on a regular basis but no message left on answerphone. Anyone any idea who this might be please?


A company called "First Assist" - registered with Company's House as a "Financial Administration" company. Seems to be telemarketing.


Received several calls no messages left


No problem, just a bad line and don't know who it was who called


Pigs. Asked for some unknown individual and when I tried to explain that I didn't know this persoml they quite rudely hung up when I was mid sentence.


This number is no longer in use so who called me


A cold caller with an Asian accent from an accident 'help line'. Told him I've never had an accident and he hung up, without a further word.

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