PHONE NUMBER: 01617130283

0161 713 0283
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer0161 area code - Manchester (England)
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Same lotto scam....


Strong Asian accent, woman's voice. No reputable company would use someone so difficult to understand. Plus I only give me mobile number to friends & family. And I'm registered with Telephone Preference Service. What disturbed me was that they knew my name.


No idea. Frequent calls, then no words spoken, silence.




They keep calling me asking questions I don't want to answer . I need this to stop


At 77 why would I be interested in lubricants?


0161 713 0283 They called and I immediately labelled this as a scam, the man insisted it wasn't and said he wouldn't ask for any payment details. I decided to carry on talking out of curiosity. He carried on asking me questions about the lotto and scratch cards and even went as far to open an account on this unknown website for me. He claimed I'd won a promotion and had only had to pay £14 for 100 entries to the lotto. I then asked if it was possible to pay online so I could get a judgment of the website to which he replied 'that website is not safe' so I had to give him my details over the phone ... ermm, if the website isn't safe why wouls I trust a guy on the phone? Don't trust these guys, they are smooth talkers with a lot of excuses. Don't be a victim


Keep phoning my sons mobile and when I. Asked why they keep phoning they said he hadn't Asian accent he was rude told him to fuck off and stop phoning my son they phoned straight back on his phone he will not be phoning again thing is we had already blocked 3 numbers from the same thing they keep changing thier number fuckers


reported to action fraud - hope they enjoy being shut down haha


asian woman saying i'd won 10 free lotto entries from toluna survey - which i havent used in months. when i questioned her and said don't call again or i'll report you to the police she tried to play it down and said oh no this isn't a scam. HANG UP. next thing you know she's called me again, pick up i'm silent and they hang up. i've blocked the number. another of many added to the blocked list. stay clear of this manchester number


Asking lots of questions about if I played the lottery or not. When I questioned the woman and said I wasn't interested she was very rude. Don't give them any of your information.


01617130283 - this number is crazy calling for the whole day.


Rung my mobile 4 times today. Answered first time by nearly unintelligible man with strong Asian accent. Second time there was silence. Won't answer again.


I have entered a few competitions online recently and got a phone just now from this number. A foreign woman saying ive been short listed as a winner from some competitions ive entered and if im the winner i will find out in the next few days, then she congratulated me.... Then she said ive won some free lotto lines so wanted to know if i was over 18. She was talking really fast and i was struggling to understand what she was saying. So i put the phone down and searched the number via google. By the sounds of these comments im glad i put the phone down!


Def Asian sounding and it sounds like they are speaking outside with lots of traffic background noise, now blocked.


call at least 6-7 times a day. number blocked


01617130283 harassing scammers


I have just had a missed call from 0161 713-0283 I didn't answer it but ive just been reading down the list here


Called 4 times today, use this site to check these numbers as new phone and new number. Have blocked now!!


I answered and the line just went dead straight away


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Very very dangerous man if he calls you call the police


Silent call potential scammer, avoid


Will not stop calling. Who are they ?


Repeated attempts to call 3 times in the last 24hrs. No caller ID


Ascend Properties. They are probably calling you about the flat you are renting with them. Pick up!!


Just got a call from this number. Anybody have any idea who they are?


Two seperate occasions today ..Noticed conversation noise of busy office sound and man talking when I hadnt even accepted the call from this number. I quickly swiped to accept then ended the call. How can this even happen !!!.


Rang lots. Hung up when I answered. Tried calling back says number inactive


Supposedly someone from tech help line??? Saying my computer has been downloading unwanted software without my knowledge and wanting me to turn on my pc😀 I very politely(ha ha) told him to ring someone that's gullible and pressed the button on my call blocker.


"The Travel Advisory Group" - Wanting me to make a claim against a holiday company. I told them I was on the TPS, but they didn't care. I asked them to take my number off their list and they laughed at me. When I questioned this, they gave me attitude and then hung up. I rang back and after about 10 attempts, they answered. I spoke to a manager who refused to remove my number and suggested that if I don't want to receive phone calls, I should throw my phone in the bin. INFURIATING!




Called me every day this week. When I answer I can hear a noisy office then they hang up after a few seconds


PPI number, several silent calls or immediate hold music


British sounding male called 23.02.17. Didn't give his name; said he was calling about 'my Hotpoint washing machine'. Knew my name and address. I don't have a Hotpoint washing machine. I I was expecting a friend and was taken off-guard otherwise I would have asked for more details about the [scmmers] company. I just said I didn't have a Hotpoint and put the phone down.


No message although caller was sent straight to voicemail because my phone has barred sales and nuisance callers

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