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Almost inaudible ... just heard a pre-recorded voice say 'Goodbye'


Just a noise from the other end lasting approx 5 seconds then they put the phone down!


Another call again from this number a pain


Another cesspool of assorted Hyena scammers!


silent calls.


Just had call stating they were a blocking government company. Explained ready registered, goodbye don't call again !!!


Asian woman claiming to be calling on behalf of TPS just rang, said she understood I was getting a lot of unwanted calls and that the government had now extended TPS to cold calls from other countries as well as the UK and wanted to put me on this register too but had to be sure I was the right person, started asking for credit card details...I put the phone down.


An Asian lady saying she could help with my crashing internet..she had my name and address etc..but I've heard of this i put her straight. In a not very nice way.


foreign claiming to be tps. Conman should be hunted down


3rd call from this number - Asian sounding lady. Knew my name - well sort of - and phone number Said it was to do with call blocking. As soon as I did not engage in conversation hung up.


Second time today. Silence on the other end. Have blocked


Rang 3 times today, silence for a while then a female voice says "Goodbye". Pain in the AR..E!


It's a new year and the calls have started again. Today I picked up the phone and they hung up !!! 1471 led me to this page why do they bother ??? Wasters ... I could use another word starting with W****! These people are a pain in the A**E.




They phoned me at 9:00 am , no one ever phones me at 9:00 am I let it ring until my answer phone message kicked in... They hung up. I dialled 1471 and got this number.... Checked it here.... Surprise surprise.... Scammers


Answered the call . Said they were from Microsoft and would help me speed up my computer . I told them I don't have a computer. There was silence on the other end and then they hung up.


1018am today. Asian person talking about nuisance calls. Comic genis!


Have just been called from this number by an Asian woman claiming to be from cps told me i was still receiving nuisance calls she then told me my name address etc and then said she was checking to see if my direct debit for my phone provider was up to date she said i paid my bills with a card expiring in 2017 at which point i knew this was a scam I then said to her " how do you sleep at night " and put the phone down i was immediately called back from an unknown number.


Sorry, no useful information as this number rang while I was out. But the last time I had a call from someone like this they said "I understand you are having a lot of unwanted calls". So I said, "Yes, and you are one of them! Goodbye!" Don't waste time with these time wasters!


Asian lady for trickery


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Calls minors


Possible Scam, phisiing saying that my computer was generatig lots of errors. Asked if they wanted me to click to a website or let them connect remotely, which they did not answer. They said they work for a division of microsoft security. After telling them I look after servers including windows bases systems and that my computer was perfectly fine, they hung up.


Received a call today from this number. A foreign sounding person saying they were from BT and that my internet wasn't secure - asked me to log on to my computer so that they could fix it. I said I would ring BT directly myself so that I knew I had a secure line and they hung up.


Text reads "Hi its sarah. Could you do me a favour? i had a small accident and broke my fibula. Im stuck at the hospital. Can you text me back once you get this message x"


This number called on 19/01/2017. Indian sounding women (and man) claiming to be from BT and offering a 35% (or 3 month?) discount for being a "loyal customer". They already appeared to have address information - but were unable to pronounce place names correctly. Said they needed MY details in order to confirm MY identity! They basically wanted bank information (debit card numbers) and tried to make educated guesses! The Indian man started getting "annoyed" when I refused to comply. I hung up.


Rang asking about Computer - non-UK accent.................put phone down immediately.!!!!!!!


I have been receiving constant calls from this number for weeks on my home phone and mobile. After receiving 3 calls one after the other I called Halifax directly to be told it is definitely not anything to do with them. Will be blocking the number and reporting.


Same old scam - allegedly from an organization called 'M.I.B'! It seems I reported a car accident in the last 2 years. Nonsense! As usual, t Asian accent (a Lady, I think?). Irksome! Birch the lot of them, I say! Hmm.....


Say they have £3000 for us they will send an agent around have to give him £250 I tunes voucher




Tech scammers. They call daily


Somebody just rang me from this number about my computer. It was obviously a scam, he hung up when I said that my computer was ok.


I have just contacted Hermes, their call number for informing customers when they are about to delivery their parcel is, "03303336556 " and it is NOT "03333440000". Go to their website if in doubt.


Same as everyone else .....fake loot winning message. SCAM!!!


Lloyds said that would call back never did please report it

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