PHONE NUMBER: 01618184784

0161 818 4784
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer0161 area code - Manchester (England)
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keep calling never answered glad i didnt


01618184784 Called about a traffic accident then when i said i was never in a traffic accident they said a medial accident.


Had an unsolicited call from them, he wouldn't give me details of his address or company name, he just said it was "Claims Department" When I pressed him for information he hung up. Dodgy!


01618184784 - Pretending to call with help regarding a non existent crash I apparently had. Harassment.


This 'Traffic Management' company has just called my partners mobile. My partner asked a lot of questions and the response he got from the caller was "don't waste my time". So my other half has just rang the number back, got through to 'a manager' called Andrew Simons. He did tell us that the solicitors they use are Silverbeck Rymer. What I find interesting though is the number listed for this company also appears for CarSauce which is a site for selling cars and the address Andrew Simons gave was the same. CarSauce is also on facebook with this number listed as their telephone number. Dodgy!


Some dodgy company that steal info off the motor insurance database and call you up unsolicited to try and make you make a personal injury claim. Utter timewasting nuisance call shites!


Asked not to call again. Immediately tries twice once hung up and tries again every 2hrs. It's disgusting and harassment. The only thing I could get from them is that they are "auto claims" if that's their actual name. Disgusting behaviour. Even if people were in accidents they would not trade with them


Called 26 times and I've blocked number they just call from varying digit harassment abig time


inquiring about my recent car accident. Never been in an accident (knock wood) so it's harassment


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Mis sold payment protection - blocked number


Not sure who these are, the phone made a funny ringing noise and now I can't ring out and no one can ring in. not sure if it's connected in some way.


1stCallGroup PPI and other marketing cold calling services. Blocked.


Talking about the accident I never had. Keep ringing me up even when I tell them to take me off they're list. They call twice a day every day for almost a week. Blocked them now.


Rang them back - someone called Improve your ISA. I don't have an ISA so I have blocked them


Very very dangerous man if he calls you call the police


Silent call potential scammer, avoid


Will not stop calling. Who are they ?


Repeated attempts to call 3 times in the last 24hrs. No caller ID


Ascend Properties. They are probably calling you about the flat you are renting with them. Pick up!!


Just got a call from this number. Anybody have any idea who they are?


Two seperate occasions today ..Noticed conversation noise of busy office sound and man talking when I hadnt even accepted the call from this number. I quickly swiped to accept then ended the call. How can this even happen !!!.


Rang lots. Hung up when I answered. Tried calling back says number inactive


Supposedly someone from tech help line??? Saying my computer has been downloading unwanted software without my knowledge and wanting me to turn on my pc😀 I very politely(ha ha) told him to ring someone that's gullible and pressed the button on my call blocker.


"The Travel Advisory Group" - Wanting me to make a claim against a holiday company. I told them I was on the TPS, but they didn't care. I asked them to take my number off their list and they laughed at me. When I questioned this, they gave me attitude and then hung up. I rang back and after about 10 attempts, they answered. I spoke to a manager who refused to remove my number and suggested that if I don't want to receive phone calls, I should throw my phone in the bin. INFURIATING!

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