PHONE NUMBER: 01792720114

01792 720114
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pointer01792 area code - Swansea (Wales)
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The police won't investigate this.


They aren't letting up with the calls 2-3 a day. I work on the theory that if it's important people leave a message and then I can call them back. They haven't left a message so not having any more of my time... blocked!


Someone called claiming they can help me claim tax rebate. I just said I have already sorted my tax rebate out just so they don't continue calling. Very annoying.




02035986023 02036211508 02079461980 I block the number then I get another call continually. One was from (apparently Microsoft) my daughter answred said not interested and hung up. The person called back and started prattiling on, my daughter hung up again, immediately he called back and asked why we had hung up, my daughters answered because I can and hung up, another call came in and the man said, stop hanging up your wasting my time. SERIOUSLY ! I took the next call asked what number he was calling from at that he gave a duff number, when i checked 1471 it was one of the above. ANNOYING OR WHAT !


Uniform tax credits - asked if they could send some information, already had my address - I didn't give them any details. Not impressed that when it arrived it implied I had agreed for them to claim on my behalf. Number blocked as now harassing me to sign and return forms they sent.


Ha ha!! It's not a scam as far as I can see. Good to be suspicious though. Look online. You can claim for certain items related to your job. Check on GOV site. Just like NVQ's paid for by the government. It'll be an independent company that calls you. Just like R&D tax relief. It's done by an independent company. Similar to PPI. Your bank should reimburse you, but they don't, so companies do it for you & take a cut. These people don't know if you're working or retired, they just blank call people, just like the 'have you had an accident in last 5 years' people.


cold callers but not pushy and polite


As others have said: people claiming to be able to get tax credits for you. Not offensive, nor excessively pushy, but I wouldn't want anything to do with a cold caller who wants to see my tax affairs.


they can be annoying but do their job




i think they thought I was a sex line, the heavy breathing was the loudest I have heard.


Uniform Tax Credits offering me a tax rebate, told them I would talk to HM Revenue and Customs regarding any tax issues. The chap was polite enough, not pushy. They are clever though, many folk answering to them will think they are 'Universal Tax Credits' not good!


Uniform Tax Credits is a trading style of KLG Ltd Registered in England & Wales. Number 94552437 Kingshill Avenue St Albans AL5 9QE Aledged to be able to claim a tax rebate for those wearing uniform in employment


Missed call on my phone from this number. They are now blocked.


Who called ?


They don't give you any of the rebate you end up owing them and they never stop pestering you once you answer or use them. They also pass your details on to other crooks and scammers.




I called the number back, before I called them I did 141. I must have called them 8/9 times, they did not like it one bit. They get to angry and frustrated. Give them a taste of their own medition. I tried to sell them a tax rebate package


Harassing calls twice a day. My landline and mobile are both on TPS. Reported to police who are investigating!


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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'Insurance review' company. Have blocked this number


Man called saying he was from solar plan. Must be the fifth time they have called about solar panels I have on my roof, I keep saying not to keep calling as I'm not interested but they keep calling.


A recorded message claims their daily call is not important (so why bother?) and that they will call again. They are called Claims Inclusive. Their number is now blocked.


Welse guy calls and apploigises for the "interuption" that's ok I say starting to think it was a sensible call and he hangs up?


Insurance call centre. Phoned me twice daily for a week.


cardiff and from Unite Marketing / Admin Centre.


3 calls from this number on Tuesday 14/02/2017 - No message left, so no idea where originated.


Received 3 calls from this number yesterday and one so far today. No message is ever left.


Landline number. Seems to be a scam. Keeps calling, several times a day. Becoming a real nuisance.


Insurance company. Spam calls


Avoid answering. Not a friendly called.


Been called 4 times in 5 hours. No message left.


Phoned started saying I was using his WiFi at the end said you've been pranked by


Phone call from a "legal" firm about an accident. Rung continuously during working hours. Have asked them to remove me from their call list.


This number called me today but left no message. I treat all callers that do nto leave a message as suspicious.

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