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i dont have any more information just wanted to let people know how wonderful it is having a bt 8500 phone that screens all your calls . no more of these cold callers whoopee !!!


caiis from unknown numbers never ever get answered but try many times I advise all to do the same


An Asian called just 2 mins. ago saying he was from a Call Blocking agency? Told him I have a blocker & it works--watch! He's now Blocked!


Call blocking scam


I was asked for by name and told by an Asian sounding man that he was from a Government backed scheme to help block unwanted calls. When I said the only unwanted call I received was his, he hung up on me.


This company have just tried to scam my 81 year old father bastards


This number has been phoning me regularly for over a year now.... There is just silence for a while, then a female voice says " Goodbye" !


Rang again for third time this week. When I answer, phone goes dead. They must try several numbers at once and only answer the first to pick up. A real nuisance.


Asian woman claiming to be from a government department who would block my nuisance calls for life. Asked me to confirm my name & address, I asked, why did she need me to tell her? She started saying "oh we don't want your bank details" but it sounded so unlikely I just told her to bugger off, and put the phone down.


I was called by this number today 19/12/16. He said it was a Government scheme to stop nuisance calls or cold calling He had my name address etc. He told me Inpaid my phone bill by Direct Debit. I then said my husband paid. He also knew my husbands name. But then asked by what mode he paid. He said to me it was by card Ibrealised it was a scam and said to him why did they need to know that if the system was Government backed and free of charge. He then cut me off. Beware this is a scam


As above. Trying to get information, kept repeating he was from government call blocker and hung up when cHallenged.


got a call from this number and he said I was getting nuisance call and my provider had asked them to help me, Me "who is my provider " BT " no its not BT" yes BT he said. if he knew his networks Hull is served by its own telephone exchange and its not BT, down went the phone rude people


Repeated calls from this number. Now blocked by 'TrueCall' blocker: 2secs and silent peace ! Clearly a SCAM: as others reported, dodgy 'non-english accent'. And NOT dialled within UK: another 'computer generated re-routed number from God-knows where ...


Asian man saying he was from a call blocking service . Gave me my name and address which I said yes to but when I said I didn't know why he was calling he said ' oh do I have to go over this again' I said you need to speak to my husband and then he hung up.


Asian woman then passed over to Asian man. Wanted to confirm name, address and bank details etc. Said the were call protection service and could block unwanted calls. Hung up on me when I asked for more information about them (company address and website).


02548996357 called at 0843 but I have not only TPS but caller ID so any number we do not recognise we let the answer machine cut in...that shuts them up and they have wasted a call but it is annoying as you have to check the calling number. All important names/numbers are in our phone's address book/contact list so any known friend/relative/business is displayed and answered, or if message left on answer machine they get a free call back. Also have noted that many scammers are now using local area code numbers and these, if answered, default to the Asian and other scammer links. Got caught once!


Tried calling back using 141 - according to BT the number does not exist. Obviously a scammer caller using spoofing to hide their true identity. Report to Ofcom


Dodgy call, wouldn't give any reason for calling. Hung up.


Called today - just kept asking is that ....(my surname0 my daughter answered and said there were a few of us here who did he want ? said he was from call blocking company - my daughter said no thanks goodbye - he actually had the gall to ring back and demand to know why she hung up on him and called her an f .... idiot. AVOID


02548996357 just ignore !!!!!!!!!!!!


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Recorded message about replacement boiler. Message repeated on different numbers about 20 times in last week.


same happened to me just said go away she hung up. scam


This guy contacted me multiple times saying sexually explicit things. Without telling me who they are.


I rang number but I didn't give access to my laptop I've shut it down will they still be able to get details or is that only if you have them access to device thanks very worried young mummy here.


Called on Friday and claimed to be talk talk and said they detected a problem with my router downloading viruses to my computer and if I could log on he would be able to sort it for me right away I told him my it engineer was with me and he could speak to him line went dead. Same sat 21/01/2017 same conversion told him I was not going to discuss anything and I would Contact talk talk hung up again contacted talk talk who confirmed it was not a talk talk number and it was a scam.number now blocked with loads of other unknown


Text message asking if I wanted to test a Samsung 40" curve and then keep for free. Seemed to be a scam.


Might be tring to con me out of money


Andrew Stones. Total wanker


KIds for Life scam. They say you can advertise in their magazine which goes to "thousands" of companies. They ask you to agree to commit at the first phone call. Then their "design" company, Impress Designs, call up and ask for a few details so they can prepare your artwork. Again, they say you are committing to pay even though you've still got very little evidence of their reputation / ability to deliver what they say. I was suspicious, but when they sent me their appalling artwork, I decided to Google "kids for life scam", and that was all I needed to be convinced that this is a scam. Fortunately, I haven't paid anything, but I suspect they will try to press for payment.


had at least 10 calls from this number in the past 2 days, same experience as most, going to disconnect your broadband for 2 months due to virus etc. Told them to stop ringing as I didn't believe them.


numerous calls from this and 03453510193. They obviously had some personal information but when I followed through the automated bit a person called 'Nigel' eventually answered and seemed very unprofessional. Almost certainly a scam.


Got charged £8.33 and didn't say nothing about a charge. Scammers


Computer froze when looking at link to Ian McShane on facebook. This number was given to call.Tried to get a helpline to microSoft with no success. Decided to check if number was a scam. Evidently so.


Got a text msg out the blue, charging me 4.50 every week, got it blocked via my phone provider. Now got to try and get my money back


Outrageous nuisance, sick to death of these calls from this number. Pond slime.

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