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0333 556 5513
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Lowell debt! Keep sending me letters and phoning all the time so I've now blocked the number!.


Lowell, it's getting beyond a joke now especially when I've been up half the night and would like to sleep






They call me 3 times a day, I don't know what they want, wish they leave me along.


lowell conmen tell them nothing and block there calls they cant do anything only send you nasty letters


lowell the reason they ask you to confirm your info ie d.o.b address etc is so they can confirm you are the right person, they have a duty of care to not divulge info to the wrong people.


This number 03335565513 called my landline twice in 5 minutes don't know who they are don't know the number so I didn't answer my phone just annoying Brian


They are calling me 5 times a day, most recently at 8am! Number now blocked!


Lowell needs to pissoff with these phone calls at random times like !! Ain't nobody got time for that !


Number keeps calling I have already got a payment plan in place ... Why they keep randomly calling is beyond me !!!!!


they have just rang me told the BOY for that is what he sounded like that I aint and never will give personal details over the phone . he kept going on about look us up on the internet over and over ,like it was a threat ! utter prick!


Received a call from this number today, answered the call only to get a garbled automated voice come on the line asking me to call them back. Automated voice was so quick and unclear I could not take any details from it.


Already have payment plans on place yet it's not 3pm and they have phoned 3 times already today I'm upto date on my payments so why continue to harass me it's a joke now I answer the phone and leave it on the side rill they hang up as they won't speak until you do so let them pay for the calls


Do not give this company any personal info. The man that spoke to me was rude and when I asked where he was from he spoke with a foreign accent and spelt out the name and told me to look it up on the Internet - what an arsehole


Calling constantly claiming to be Lowell. Sick of them calling!


They phone me constantly at least twice a week. I answered once a few weeks ago and they still continue to call me. They asked me to confirm who I was and according to them I didn't answer my home address correctly, I think I know where I live lol. So because I couldn't confirm who I was they wouldn't tell me why they were calling, or what my current debts I have with them and then they hung up on me -_- I just ignore them everytime they call now. Fricking annoying, arseholes!


Lowell... i already have a payment plan set up with this company for £100 per month. I only earn £600 from my job and have 3 kids and yet they continually harrass me as they want me to pay more.


Had three calls from this number in one day. I answered the phone, and a man identified himself as being from Lowell financial and asked me (by my name) to confirm my address and date of birth! I said I don't divulge personal information over the phone to strangers who call me out of the blue. He said then I regret that I cannot divulge and information to you... Lol. I said that's fine, you're the one who called me and wanted to talk. I said if they wish to correspond with me to do so in writing in future. He said fine you will receive some correspondence in the future and hung up. Will be interesting to see what, if anything I get now.


Lowell financial Ltd. (debt company)


Calls cost no more than calls to geographic (01 and 02) numbers and must be included in inclusive minutes and discount schemes in the same way. Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 10p per minute; calls from mobiles typically cost between 3p and 40p per minute. Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages.


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This is a utility supplier trying to get you to switch to them


It seems any number beginning with 0333 is bogus then ?


Got a call from a lady called Fahema threatening to disconnect our meter .. its a business, we have 40 branches, they didn't know which location.. called back.. they didn't know who we were..... Apparently they say they are Total Gas and Power.. who we do not use


Whatever u not be taken in by these Indian Scammers!!!! Promise to put loan into your account but want money paid to them 1st. Dont do it. They then fob u off day after day, WILL NOT REFUND ANY MONEY OF YOURS THEY HAVE!!! + U WILL NEVER SEE A PENNY OF THE PROMISED LOAN. BE WARNED!!! CON ARTISTS AND SCAMMERS


said it was the wrong number


Economy Energy Customer Service Number


Tried calling back after missed call and didn't even ring!


3 mobile. Am a customer so probably trying to up-sell on my contract. No biggie


Very annoying, persistent calls asking for someone who does not live here . They hang up if you question the call .


phone rang just before 10am, left no message! Checked on line and finding that it was (as suspected) a nuisance call so immediately blocked it. No more unsolicited calls from them!


Calls every day doesnt leave a message


Texts from a mobile number telling me to call them (Capquest). Not going to of course!


I don't know who call me?


Not sure whom this is... Annoying hold music with no response when I call back...


03332121779 Bogus Claims To Be Sky

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