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Call from this number today asking lots of questions? They seemed to know a lot already but needed confirmation of details to progress in cancellation of nuisance calls. (and in fact they are one) I listend to thier speel...... then they passed me over to their verification supervisor and he tgen proceeded to ask verification of what they already knew about me???? But they didn't have my full card details so asked for them and when I ask why? They said to process the £29.00 fee fir a life time of no nuisance calls......? Ummmm! NO....... I then said thank you but NO THANK YOU and said good bye....... I wonder how long it will take before I'm bombarded with more??????? Beware folks and be safe out there.


OFCOM seems to ineffective at stopping this caller............


I invested in a phone with BT Call Guardian. Callers have to state who they are before the phone rings my end and there's an instant blocking facility too. The phone has gone very quiet since the purchase......bliss!


This is my fourth nuisance call today, time the government stepped in, find these people and fine them better still stick them on an island on their or with their own kind


Caller did not respond when I asked who is calling. I hung up! Blocked now


claimed to be TPS service,she wouldn't answer questions and an indian lady... hung up on me as asked questions


This number called before, I pick up, they hung up. So many of these calls - I'm afraid to answer my land line.


TPS Scam in line with other reports. Had wrong name. Hung up when I said call was being recorded.


Say they are the new TPS with asian voice


Call prevention scam pretending to be working on behalf of UK Government!


Just heard a pre-recorded voice saying goodbye, then hung up on me.


Not known - hung up when I picked up


Almost inaudible ... just heard a pre-recorded voice say 'Goodbye'


Just a noise from the other end lasting approx 5 seconds then they put the phone down!


Another call again from this number a pain


Another cesspool of assorted Hyena scammers!


silent calls.


Just had call stating they were a blocking government company. Explained ready registered, goodbye don't call again !!!


Asian woman claiming to be calling on behalf of TPS just rang, said she understood I was getting a lot of unwanted calls and that the government had now extended TPS to cold calls from other countries as well as the UK and wanted to put me on this register too but had to be sure I was the right person, started asking for credit card details...I put the phone down.


An Asian lady saying she could help with my crashing internet..she had my name and address etc..but I've heard of this i put her straight. In a not very nice way.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Someone using this number has telephoned me many times in the last few days. He is selling a device to stop nuisance calls on my phone for £99. He is very annoying and not interested when told that I am not interested. He uses threats when challenged, saying that he will continue to call until I agree to buy this device.


Caller said he had a devise to block unwanted calls,wanted to confirm my details, by asking for my bank account details,kept him waiting for as long as i could.then hung up.


Claimed to be from internet service provider, played along as fed up with these calls, talked me through showing CLSID in cmd window and listing errors in event viewer then told me to go to from a run prompt, which I refused to do and told him what I thought of the scam - he then hung up.


They claim that they are US Gov. Grants dept. They tried to get my SS# and license #


Fed up with calls from this number and also from 02079462020. Also calls from " Microsoft" are these people to stupid to realise that most people now realise they are just scammers. I get so angry especially when I had a very sick daughter in law and every phone call gave me a feeling of dread. People who make these calls should be put in prison!


Don't answer! Pretended to be my Talk talk internet provider, saying I have a fault with my internet that they can fix. As I've not been with talk talk for 6 months, and 'Paul' really annoyed me I told him to F. Off. He did. Don't get scammed.


man said he was from talktalk they keep ringing my 76 year old mother, i answered today and told the she does not have broadband. i am sure the man told me to f**k off then line went dead, BLOCKED NOW


Repeated calls purporting to come from TalkTalk technical support about a router problem; none is connected to the line!


Received call today tried to call it back and it doesn't exist?


Called but never talked. Could hear background noises.

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