PHONE NUMBER: 01617130283

0161 713 0283
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pointer0161 area code - Manchester (England)
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Asked for me by name?! Yikes! I told them they had the wrong number, they asked for my name. I asked who was calling and she started into some speel of "you've won 10 euro millions lines". Told her I wasn't interested and she got a bit annoyed and was all "why not, they're free?!" SCAM!


Someone from 'euromillions' wanting to give me 'free lines'. Told him he was a con man


YAY! I won an iPhone in an online competition I didn't even enter, with the Lottery Syndicate I am not a part of, as well as a shot at the Euromillions - yeah, bye love.


unity lotto..every single day, at least three or five times, scamers.




This number is taking the absolute piss taking the absolute piss now. 3 phone calls from 12.48pm - 1.32pm


You have won an iPhone blar blar blar crap.


This number has been ringing asking for me for a few months now and countless times during the day and when my husband answered the person wouldn't leave a message, say who it is or leave an email address which my husband asked for. I will be blocking this number now.


Same is happening to me just now - 6 missed calls in the space of 50 minutes. Tried calling them back from a withheld land line number and they just answer with an 'hello' no company name or anything. You can tell its a call center based thing from the noise in the background. SCAM! Anyway, I have blocked the number now.


Had 8 calls today before blocking the number. Did not answer any of them , and glad now after reading here! Surely someone can shut them down?


This number told me i was in the running to win a i phone and was going to give me free lines to the euro this fri and didnt want and money off me just which bank i was in and how they would pay the winnings to me when i said i didnt give any of the details over the phone he got vry shirty with me and i asked to pay me by cheque he said they couldnt pay 150 people by cheque and put the phone down on me.


'Michael' called me "love" (pet hate!!) while trying to tell me I had won an iphone . I don't use any Apple products and would never enter a competition to do so. Told him to hang up as this was obviously a scam. Have now blocked the number and registered with the TPS for mobiles.




I was told I was a finalist to win an iPhone 7 and one of only 5 of us would win it. Also that I had been selected to get 10 free lines in euro millions lottery syndicate this Friday - free of charge. But then needed my bank details to deposit my winnings. Got a bit arsy when I said I don't give out my bank details. Tried to say they only wanted my sort code and bank account number and not the long card number and bank protects against any fraud so this was perfectly safe. I told them to email me the details and I would look into it but that I don't give out my bank details to anyone- funny that I haven't had an email yet...


Same as everyone else I've had 8 missed calls from this number I am not answering this is ridiculous


0161 713 0283 Apparently "unity lotto" I had to answer just out of curiosity after 6 calls today!! They informed me only 150 people are selected they knew address details names and dob, I think it's a 3rd party company be careful when singing up to things like freebies and site offers as this is where it may come from they also said that they work with the lottery and I said I had done research online about the number and she basically said people are jealous haha and upset that they don't won this hahaha I asked to be removed from the system as I thought it was a scam she said thanks for my time and couldn't be quick enough to hang up!! Number now will be blocked!! Also sounds like call centre loads of background noise


0161 713 0283 Rang me 5 times today never answered any of them came on here and I certainly won't be answering any of them very harassing!! If I do answer they will get a load of abuse it's constant!! Pees me off


Stupid idiots won't stop calling all day it's been 5 times already! not safe number possible scamming at work


01617130283. SCAMMERS, and extremely amateur at that.. I have blocked the number so won't be hearing from them again... the T1Ts....


said that I had won additional entries into euromillions...asked how often I played to which I replies "well if you were actually a part of that organisation then you would actually know wouldn't you" and slammed the phone down. number blocked and blacklisted


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Advert for Britannia roofliners through door with this number


Calls repeatedly. Unknown. When you call back you get an automated message telling you they are only open from 12 to 6.


Spam call. caller asked if I was involved in accidents. I asked them to remove me from their list then the caller claim they are working for/with police and I will be in trouble if I do not give information. Total spam. Blocked.


Persistent calls over 5 a day


Calls each day. No idea who.


claiming to be HMRC Tax credits didn't give any information to them why phone they usually write??????????????


Asian voice says he is called Joseph and my tv insurance (which I don"t have )is reducing from £7 to £5 gave him false bank account number & he said he would pester me forever & take out a complaint against me. LOL


not known number................scam


Accident spam call! Rubbish


I can confirm that this is a prisoners pay phone at SADEXO Forrest Bank, Salford


Claimed that HMRC are filing a lawsuit against me and press a number to call my case worker. Scary!


Nuisances repeatedly call


persistent phishing calls re motorcar accident


This is Ryder and Dutton estate agents.


Left an automated message on the answerphone stating that it was HMRC and they were filing a lawsuit against us and to press 1 to speak to someone.

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