PHONE NUMBER: 01617130283

0161 713 0283
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pointer0161 area code - Manchester (England)
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They've rung 4 times today - I just don't answer. Perhaps they'll get fed up and not bother - well look at that, a pig has just flown by my window.....


Claimed I had won 10 euromillions lines on a competition. When i refused to talk they told me I had wasted their time entering competitions online. Very rude and aggressive.


have had 30 calls over the past 5 days ignored them all bar 1 and told them to stop calling me, they stopped for a day and then started again to day with 6 calls in 40 min, if you get even one call from this number BLOCK it straight away.


this number keeps ringing me every minuet or so ive told them im not interested so please take me off your database and she replied with whats the reason im not interested and a loved one might of done it for me ermm no go away i block the number and they just ring on a different one.


Really unclear line. Trying to sell 600 lines on Euromillions with plenty of catches. Apparently 600 lines would only cost me £9.99 a month... When I asked where she was based she said it would be illegal for her to give me the address. I asked to speak to a Manager just to see what would happen and she claimed to be the manager. Also the line was so unclear. I asked what details she required and she quickly asked for all my Credit Card details even though it was in regards to setting up a Direct Debit. Scam!


0161 713 0283 Tried to tell me I was a euromillions lottery winner, sounded like a very busy call centre..


Never answered, they left a message, which I'm going to ignore too.


I never answer a number i dont know..i say if its important they will leave a voicemail


'Euro Lottery' I had a woman phoning 2 times in ten minutes so I answered and she said I won the lottery, when I said I wasn't interested and I hadn't entered, she then said in an aggressive way 'why are you saying you're not interested when I haven't told you what this is about' when she had. So I said I wasn't interested hung up and blocked them.


I called bk ... say I won competition on big lotto on my Facebook page .... Scam!!!!


Call Centre Lottery Scam. To stop these calls please visit [spam website] and register your details.


Has 2 missed calls this afternoon within 30 mins or so so I called back. Same as others Euro millions but lady offered to take me off their database. THEN they call me again 10 mins later but man this time who was more persistent and border line rude so I just said I'm not prepared to give me name address etc over the phone and that I'm not interested and hung up. What happens to the poor sods who gall for this scam do their bank accounts get cleared!??


Said I'd won travel vouchers, when I said I hadn't entered a competition he was rude & persistent. Then told me I had free lines for euromillions. I hung up & they rang 5 times but I didn't answer. Number now blocked.


this number has called me 5 times today i havn't answered it says Manchester on my phone when they ring GLAD I READ OTHER PEOPLES COMMENTS THANK YOU


Called 5 times in half an hour. Blocked now. Won 10 euro million lines somehow, the person who calls is very aggressive.


They are aggressive wont tell their company name i told them they rang me 7 times today and i told them i am going to block them and not to ring me again


More pond life


'big lotto' supposedly associated with euro millions that I had apparently subscribed to online, I asked how they had my name and number and she hung up on me! Have blocked now. They called me 5 times within the hour- not on. DO NOT ANSWER- BLOCK


I have been called 14 times by this number (o2) in 4 days and even when i threaten to report them they still keep calling. I do't even use o2 and never would after this harassment


Just called me at work, advised that I was unable to speak to them...lady asked when she could call me and I said 'tomorrow' she replied, why can't I call you tonight....very rude on the phone, number now blocked


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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No message although caller was sent straight to voicemail because my phone has barred sales and nuisance callers


Scam holiday said he would not call back


Scammer. Took £2500.00 from my account


01617110768 -1st Direct!?! - Rung this morning, as didn't know number I called back (withholding number - hopefully anyway!!) and was told to leave a message AVOID!!


call centre did not say anything then hung up, general office background noise


Its George Adams estate agent, wasn't spam


Rang off before could answer.


Constantly says that they are monitoring internet and that there are issues with our internet provider which they get wrong. They are phoning 4/5 times a day


Keeps calling me then hanging up when I pick up


Mike from M60 Cleaning Supplies Ltd


Keeps ringing 4-5times a day.Getting to be a nuisance now.We are registered on TPS.


MSC Ad Services Ltd - MR MICHAEL SEAN CRITCHLEY is the Director. Dont' answer to 01612121191. They are working through facebook pages, targeting the beauty industry. The guy called, claimed they were FACEBOOK TECHNICIANS, when i asked if they worked for f/book - knowing they could not possibly do so - he said no, but swore down the phone with profanities. THEN QUICKLY HUNG UP, the little manchunian coward!! Thank you site, for identifying they are called MediaSmart or MSC ltd...a lowly ad agency! more thick than smart!!


Accident claims centre


A man called saying I was entitled to a category c payment due to a car accident, I've never been in a car accident. Your average scammer don't answer


no idea who it is. called 19.36 on 25/1

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