PHONE NUMBER: 01792720114

01792 720114
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer01792 area code - Swansea (Wales)
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They've never asked for my bank or card details, however they also don't seem to understand "no" or "please stop calling" or "remove my details from your database please" or anything else that means leaving me alone. Number Blocked.


Persistent scam calling. Avoid.


Got a cheque for over 1000. Friendly service, expect the attitude that you gave them to be reflected.


Clearly a lie as we don't ask for any card or bank details and never have, the only thing we do is confirm the address so we can send out a claim form


Welsh man telling me I'm owed a tax rebate. He quickly said that if I give my card details he could send me the money. He was very pushy. Obviously a scam. Number blocked.


Keeps Calling


Sick of them always calling


Phoned me several times in the past two days, have not answered as I live no where near Swansea


Tax refund outfit. Not offering anything you can't sort yourself if you can be bothered. Basically if you wash your own uniform or drive to work or have to buy your own tools etc...there is money to be had.


im so sick of their call im not the name they want i tell them every time blocked them but still get calls they are not rude but i still get bloody upset wasting my time picking up


They just hung up......


Thieves and scammers. Would not give the address of their company. Usual crap about refunds. Hunt them down and get rid of them Information Commissioner. They are abusing our personal data.


Called me today from this number, lot of background noise, said I could claim uniform credit etc.etc. I have not worked since 2008 and before that I worked for HMRC for 28 and a half years - No thank you, I know more than you do and could do myself if I was entitled.


Rang my husband mobile when I picked up called me by my name started ranting about tax rebate. When interjected by saying "excuse me" she shouted louder and louder I told her I was ending the call I found here rude and harassing


Not sure how legit they are but they hang up as I was asking to get my name taken out of their system which prompted me in calling them back. I got through a different person and they very efficiently dealt with my complaint and removed me from the system.


They called my old number, which I rarely use now. Very sceptical, don't know what to believe


Claled me about my tax rebate. Good luck with that.


Tax rebate recovery. Entirely unnecessary, go to and claim your full rebate yourself.


Utter rip off!!! these people claim to help getting your tax refunded but all they do is make claim on your behalf then take a cut on you lose half of your refunded tax relief, call HMRC directly yourselves and get the FULL relief and refund you're entitled too


We did have an issue with our system which meant we had to stop a batch of cheques. We issue thousands a month and a replacement was issued very quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Calling to see if I was still!,, using. My phone blocker. No info from me. It is a Swansea area, any info please add


Called today but I don't answer numbers I do not recognise...when I googled the number the search returned 'scam number' related results so not sure if this is one.


Rang my mobile didn't recognise so not answered and no message left on voicemail so obviously call centre Scammers again


Energy first - U switch - friendly but don't need their services


and so the unsolicited phone calls resume after a couple of weeks respite.. This number is calling but caller disconnects when call answered.. Number originates in Wales.


answer the calls from this number but there is never anyone on the line.


Said i had completed a survey and had won a prize - going to be in area and would arrange to call?


Don't take calls from unknown numbers unless message left advising who & nature of call


Some company called 'speed' at least that's what I think he said went on to say I've been allocated £3000 and wondered why I haven't claimed it I replied 'too good to be true mate' and hung up


Wanted to know if we use oil, odd as we live 100 miles away and would not be economical to deliver. Is it a scam?


nfinite Savings Survey


This number started phoning 2 days ago and has phoned my landline about 6 times and my mobile 5 times. When I answer the line is dead. I did phone it back on the first occasion and a recorded msg. said something about an accident that I had. I have had no accident in the last 2-3 yrs. Whilst I can see the number on my mobile and so not answer, I have no caller id on my house phone, so have to answer in case it's a genuine call. It's very annoying!!


Male calling himself James Martin claimed to be with BT and provided this number when I requested a number to call him back on. He contacted me via 01391735834 telling me that my internet access was compromised and requested my IP address and details from my router so that the problem could be rectified. SCAMMER.


This number was included within spam text message asking for money to cover Unite Union benefits. Don't reply to it


pension provider called several times a day wont give up

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