PHONE NUMBER: 01617130283

0161 713 0283
Type: Landlines (geographic)
pointer0161 area code - Manchester (England)
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Constantly ringing me and I left it a few minutes. Answered it after the fifth time they rang and the lady who was rude said I won a competition that I entered 3 days ago which I hadn't done! Blocked the caller from my phone now!


Call center using the Manchester area code but I believe the call center to be based in India as I have received several calls from this number and it is always a representative with an Indian accent. I would advise to anyone who is receiving these calls to please contact the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) in order to lodge a complaint or reduce the number of nuisance calls received. TPS is a free service available to the public to help reduce nuisance calls, their details are listed below. Note: I am in no way affiliated with the TPS organisation and am giving this information as guidance which will hopefully see a decrease in the amount of nuisance calls you receive. Kind regards Ilyaas.


Had far to many of my details ! And I aske her to notify me once she had closed whatever account she said I had opened!!! No notification yet.- very rude and obnoxious - oh I only need your account number and sort code to set you up ! You could win up to 7thousand after this call. I just hope nothing comes of it 😡😡😡


do not keep ringing me 3 calls aday had it up tohere with it now go and piss of


Called me 6 times today I'm sick of it think I answered it the other day some guy told me if I answered a few consumers question they would send me 10 free lottery ticket. Some shopping vouchers. Got to the end of questions and he just said" thanks bye"! .I was about to say wait you need my adderss to send my gift to . Lol he was well gone total scam try and charm you by saying you get a shopping voucher...


Why call and shout expletives at me and how do they get ones mobile number I feel threatened by this type of call




Rude callers pushy for you to enter a syndicate to win. "Nothing to lose" and "euromillions" yelled a lot. Very rude. They record calls them expect you to hand over your bank details. Clearly a ploy to rinse you of all your money.




I had a call from a very rude woman explaining I'd won 10 free lottery tickets further down the call she exaplined it would cost £39 for 600 tickets later down the line and it would be taken automatically, when I responded that I didn't want anything to do with this scam the lady became very rude telling me that I didn't understand and that I should just listen to her! DO NOT ANSWER THIS CALL!!


The said it was the euro millions. 9 times in a hour. Said it was my 13 year old daughters phone and they soon put it down.


Lost count of the number of calls from this number. "You entered a free prize draw for New York, qualify for lines on lottery" which you have to PAY for! No thanks! STOP calling!!!!!!


Have had 5 calls in the last hour and quarter from this number ... Am not answering as I always check number out first


Had 6 calls in an hour from this number this morning i put the number in to google as didn't recognise it so never answered, glad i never picked up now but am getting fed up with the calls.. Not Happy.


Called me 7 times today, asked them twice to stop but still receiving calls


called saying i'd won 10 free line on euro millions and wanted £39 from me to buy 600 more line over 3 months said it was a scam and lady got really rude and said i'd be calling her back saying sorry when the euro millions confirmed it. she didnt stay on the phone long when i said i'd message lotto of facebook now :)


01617130283 - it says i have registered for a prize draw, then when i block the number they change the last 3 numbers to call again


They disconcerted me from work then later afternoon from sex. Wish I knew them. Would smash that phone on their head.


Woman claiming I'd won 10 free lines on the euro millions because I had entered a competition for an iPhone 7. Apparently 5,500 applied for the competition and 150 of them were picked to get 10 free lines.


They claimed I had entered a competition, which I hadn't, they knew my name and tried to sign me up to euromillions and to split my winnings with them


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Advert for Britannia roofliners through door with this number


Calls repeatedly. Unknown. When you call back you get an automated message telling you they are only open from 12 to 6.


Spam call. caller asked if I was involved in accidents. I asked them to remove me from their list then the caller claim they are working for/with police and I will be in trouble if I do not give information. Total spam. Blocked.


Persistent calls over 5 a day


Calls each day. No idea who.


claiming to be HMRC Tax credits didn't give any information to them why phone they usually write??????????????


Asian voice says he is called Joseph and my tv insurance (which I don"t have )is reducing from £7 to £5 gave him false bank account number & he said he would pester me forever & take out a complaint against me. LOL


not known number................scam


Accident spam call! Rubbish


I can confirm that this is a prisoners pay phone at SADEXO Forrest Bank, Salford


Claimed that HMRC are filing a lawsuit against me and press a number to call my case worker. Scary!


Nuisances repeatedly call


persistent phishing calls re motorcar accident


This is Ryder and Dutton estate agents.


Left an automated message on the answerphone stating that it was HMRC and they were filing a lawsuit against us and to press 1 to speak to someone.

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