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01792 720114
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pointer01792 area code - Swansea (Wales)
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Took half of the refund for the last year no information for the previous years i submitted sent . Cheque returned as STOPPED when banked. Robbing gits stay well clear unable to contact them to complain about the cheque been returned


Uniform tax rebate, cheques in the post!! Very nice!!!


In responce to the last comment - our system do screen for TPS every night. Often people log their home landline with TPS and not their mobile which is where the confusion lies. If you receive a call then please ask our agent to remove you and we will.


I had a missed call from this number today. The comment dated 20/02/2016 states that I will have received a call as I have opted in and am not registered with TPS. How wrong they are. Perhaps they should check every number they call before randomly phoning. If it is to do with claiming back tax then they don't know my situation or they would not bother. I know taxes inside out


If you have received a call from us it will be because you have opted in and you are not on the Telephone Preference Service. If you ask we will remove your name. This is not a scam. About 20% of the people we speak to are entitled to a tax rebate and we recover this money for thousands of people every month. We are no win no fee. Most people that wear a uniform, hi viz or similar are entitled to a refund but you need to claim it. Our website An accountant would cost you a fortune and you can’t get through to the Inland Revenue. Most people have other things to do so don’t get round to it. We answer the phone and will talk you through it.I hope that this helps create a balanced view.


They called me and we had a long talk - I had no idea that I was entitled to any money back from the Inland Revenue for wearing my Hi VIZ at work, but I apparently am. I've got my cheque now and I'm really pleased with them. I don't know why everyone here is so negative really.


It's not a scam - it's quite legitimate and they do the job that they say they do.


Received my check today! Thank you Uniform tax credits!


tax refund scam


Called to advise me I was due a Tax Credit refund over the last 5 years. Uniform Tax Credit ??? incidentally, the background noise is typical of a contracted call centre... very busy and obviously on a commission base.


SCAM! Telling me I've overpaid on my tax and am due a refund. Con artists.


Some giggly girl called me, asked my name, but refused to tell me who she was. She put the phone down before a minute was up.


Cold caller re Uniform Tax Credits. Put the phone down on them. What a scam!


Cold caller claiming I could get a tax rebate if I wash work clothes. Told her I was already aware of that fact and I didn't need some a**hole cold caller trying to scam me. She hung up! Oops, my bad!


Universal tax credit, load of bolox


I had a missed call and put the number through the 'who-called-me' website. Obviously didn't speak to anyone so cannot comment on what the nature of their call to me today was for. Most worrying aspect of this 'cold call' is the timing. I have been on the HMRC website using the self-service on line reporting, my activity on this subject has been only within the last couple of hours and before that, at last a few months ago. This would indicate something is tracking my real time internet activity before passing my details to a call center / cold caller agent within a matter of hours! Anybody else have a similar experience?


Came across this I was looking for a website to leave feedback, I'm very glad I choose to see what all this was about, I had previously tried to claim via HMRC after waiting hours and hours in telephone q's with no joy of speaking to a real person! Received a claim pack from uniform tax credits, filled it in and sent it off, not really expecting much but low and behold a few weeks later I received a letter from HMRC and a few days later a cheque for £587! I was happy to pay the fee to save me messing around trying to deal with the HMRC! Excellent service Uniform tax credits, keep up the good work!


In the words of the Mighty Python... SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM AND MORE SPAM


I had such a lovely service from uniform tax credits, the lady was such a lovely girl with a very strong accent. When I asked her to go through the form with me she was very helpful and explained all the bits I needed to fill in, very helpful.. Highly recommend! Brilliant service, claimed for myself and my daughter. Lovely polite service.


Unbelievable the comments that I have read. My partner used to work for this company in order to help keep a roof over our heads, whilst I work part time and study a degree. Yes these calls are annoying and yes they may not be relevant. She hated every single part of her job and she disagreed with every single aspect of the owner of the company and his business. But but I can tell you it's not a scam. They get your data from filling out forms online and prize draws that you have entered and the data is purchased legally in order with the data protection act. Yes they take a percentage and yes they are annoying but she has more decency talong horrible shit from the public when all she was doing was trying to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. YES IT IS A REAL BUSINESS.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Calling to see if I was still!,, using. My phone blocker. No info from me. It is a Swansea area, any info please add


Called today but I don't answer numbers I do not recognise...when I googled the number the search returned 'scam number' related results so not sure if this is one.


Rang my mobile didn't recognise so not answered and no message left on voicemail so obviously call centre Scammers again


Energy first - U switch - friendly but don't need their services


and so the unsolicited phone calls resume after a couple of weeks respite.. This number is calling but caller disconnects when call answered.. Number originates in Wales.


answer the calls from this number but there is never anyone on the line.


Said i had completed a survey and had won a prize - going to be in area and would arrange to call?


Don't take calls from unknown numbers unless message left advising who & nature of call


Some company called 'speed' at least that's what I think he said went on to say I've been allocated £3000 and wondered why I haven't claimed it I replied 'too good to be true mate' and hung up


Wanted to know if we use oil, odd as we live 100 miles away and would not be economical to deliver. Is it a scam?


nfinite Savings Survey


This number started phoning 2 days ago and has phoned my landline about 6 times and my mobile 5 times. When I answer the line is dead. I did phone it back on the first occasion and a recorded msg. said something about an accident that I had. I have had no accident in the last 2-3 yrs. Whilst I can see the number on my mobile and so not answer, I have no caller id on my house phone, so have to answer in case it's a genuine call. It's very annoying!!


Male calling himself James Martin claimed to be with BT and provided this number when I requested a number to call him back on. He contacted me via 01391735834 telling me that my internet access was compromised and requested my IP address and details from my router so that the problem could be rectified. SCAMMER.


This number was included within spam text message asking for money to cover Unite Union benefits. Don't reply to it


pension provider called several times a day wont give up

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