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Cold caller claiming I could get a tax rebate if I wash work clothes. Told her I was already aware of that fact and I didn't need some a**hole cold caller trying to scam me. She hung up! Oops, my bad!


Universal tax credit, load of bolox


I had a missed call and put the number through the 'who-called-me' website. Obviously didn't speak to anyone so cannot comment on what the nature of their call to me today was for. Most worrying aspect of this 'cold call' is the timing. I have been on the HMRC website using the self-service on line reporting, my activity on this subject has been only within the last couple of hours and before that, at last a few months ago. This would indicate something is tracking my real time internet activity before passing my details to a call center / cold caller agent within a matter of hours! Anybody else have a similar experience?


Came across this I was looking for a website to leave feedback, I'm very glad I choose to see what all this was about, I had previously tried to claim via HMRC after waiting hours and hours in telephone q's with no joy of speaking to a real person! Received a claim pack from uniform tax credits, filled it in and sent it off, not really expecting much but low and behold a few weeks later I received a letter from HMRC and a few days later a cheque for £587! I was happy to pay the fee to save me messing around trying to deal with the HMRC! Excellent service Uniform tax credits, keep up the good work!


In the words of the Mighty Python... SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM AND MORE SPAM


I had such a lovely service from uniform tax credits, the lady was such a lovely girl with a very strong accent. When I asked her to go through the form with me she was very helpful and explained all the bits I needed to fill in, very helpful.. Highly recommend! Brilliant service, claimed for myself and my daughter. Lovely polite service.


Unbelievable the comments that I have read. My partner used to work for this company in order to help keep a roof over our heads, whilst I work part time and study a degree. Yes these calls are annoying and yes they may not be relevant. She hated every single part of her job and she disagreed with every single aspect of the owner of the company and his business. But but I can tell you it's not a scam. They get your data from filling out forms online and prize draws that you have entered and the data is purchased legally in order with the data protection act. Yes they take a percentage and yes they are annoying but she has more decency talong horrible shit from the public when all she was doing was trying to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. YES IT IS A REAL BUSINESS.


Uniform tax rebate. After a few mins the caller said I "must smell like tramp" if I don't wash my uniform. I don't have a uniform because I'm unemployed!!!


Cold caller claiming I could get a tax rebate if I wash work clothes. Told her I was already aware of that fact and I didn't need some a**hole cold caller trying to scam me. She hung up! Oops, my bad!


01792 720 114 - Telephoned me today (Monday 11/01/2016) but I was otherwise engaged. Intrigued by lack of message - Hence I Google searched the number. Thanks for the warning service you provide. I won't phone back! Regards @DanRJohnson


Got a call on my mobile today to tell me that I 'm entitled to Tax Rebate. I told the caller (Leah) that I'm busy and that I will call back at a more convenient. I've no intention of calling back as this was obviously a scam, since when I asked for the company name, the caller told me it was the Tax office...and it was said in a way that's not even convincing, let alone give the impression that it was from HMRC. Please do not fall for this trick.


Uniform tax credits say they can get you a refund if you wash your own uniform. Can get you money but take a massive cut of what your entitled to and can do it yourself by contacting hmrc


Did not answer ,gave a call back line dead no reply


They said universal tax, said my name had flagged up and that I may have paid too much tax over the last five years. Asked me if I wore uniform or hi vis to work and I said no. Quite disappointed now, thought I may be getting a tax rebate!


Heavily accented call from Uniform Tax Credit, unsolicited, asks whether you ever wore uniform / high vis. etc to work and presumably they will help you reclaim tax against this cost. Ended call as soon as I said it didn't apply but that didn't give me time t ask why the TPS had not been checked


They called my mobile but an app I have called Truecaller identified it as a tax refund scam so I rejected it. I get many such calls and would recommend you get this app if you get pestered on your mobile.


Blooming pests - rings and hangs up b4 answer - have simply blocked it on my phone - end of 😡


Uniform tax credits called me - I am an accountant and these people are telling people lies about being able to claim for uniforms and will charge you for the service. If you are entitled to a refund of tax under the govt scheme , (for nurses etc) you do not need to pay these people to help you- you can do it easily yourself by telephoning Hmrc with your national insurance number and Paye reference . Report them as fraudsters.


Ha ha having read all individuals comments on this scam last week I received a phone call from the same culprits this evening. Not giving any indication to the lady caller that I know about the scam I played along with it. Eventually I did ask which company was calling and the lady objected to disclose the information. I then informed the lady that people were starting to be aware of their scam and that I was actually a policeman, which I am not. Well the lady couldn't get off the line quick enough. I rang the telephone back and got a answer of foxtrot oscar and the phone slammed down. Scum that's the word for the culprits.


After this company phoned me , I phoned tax credits who said this company is bogus and it is a scam they are aware of this bogus company and said I must report to the police as a bogus company , keeping bogus company telephone number on my phone as well as proof.... How low will people go to get money here is bit of advice get a real job and live in the real world. Earn honest money like the rest of us do


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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'Insurance review' company. Have blocked this number


Man called saying he was from solar plan. Must be the fifth time they have called about solar panels I have on my roof, I keep saying not to keep calling as I'm not interested but they keep calling.


A recorded message claims their daily call is not important (so why bother?) and that they will call again. They are called Claims Inclusive. Their number is now blocked.


Welse guy calls and apploigises for the "interuption" that's ok I say starting to think it was a sensible call and he hangs up?


Insurance call centre. Phoned me twice daily for a week.


cardiff and from Unite Marketing / Admin Centre.


3 calls from this number on Tuesday 14/02/2017 - No message left, so no idea where originated.


Received 3 calls from this number yesterday and one so far today. No message is ever left.


Landline number. Seems to be a scam. Keeps calling, several times a day. Becoming a real nuisance.


Insurance company. Spam calls


Avoid answering. Not a friendly called.


Been called 4 times in 5 hours. No message left.


Phoned started saying I was using his WiFi at the end said you've been pranked by


Phone call from a "legal" firm about an accident. Rung continuously during working hours. Have asked them to remove me from their call list.


This number called me today but left no message. I treat all callers that do nto leave a message as suspicious.

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