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another scam !!!


Male asking for bank details saying he could help. Kept him talking for over 17 minutes because I wanted to string him along in thevend saying sucker I have wasted your time. He laughed saying I huessed 10 minutes ago. Waste of space!!


Indian bloke called today telling me that all nuisance calls will be blocked and they need to verify my card number to prove i am the bill payer. Scamming bastards, played them for 8 minutes haha unlucky pricks


Indian sounding man asking if I get any nuisance calls, I asked him what his business was and he hung up


Asian accent asking if my number was correct. Woman speaking in background - almost like crossed line.


Goodbye message after delay, assume it is call centre & are waiting for a telesales person to pick up. I can get this up to a dozen times a day. If I don't get the goodbye it is a Asian (with a very English name, they can't pronounce correctly) trying to sell me services or do a survey


Asian guy just called my mum and claimed to be from Call Blocking Service. Said her name and address then asked for her bank details. She said her daughter deals with that stuff - ie telephone pref service. He said I have just been talking to your daughter!! Which he hadn't. Total scam. Mum told him to get lost and hung up!


Asian sounding caller saying he was from the Call Prevention Service. It's a scam. They can't stop anyone phoning you.


Guy with foreign accent called - told me about a call blocking service, read me a load of details back - name, address, etc, then wanted to confirm my card number - i declined - he read me 'my' card number and even the security code (not mine I should make clear). then told me I'd been charged £299 - I told him to f*** **f! 5 mins later he called again, and tried once more!! Cheeky sod.


overseas call centre rang my mum (elderly and disabled) today, I picked up. he asked if we were receiving nuisance calls, i said "well unless you tell me who you are and what you want, you're quite probably one of them". he wanted our details which i obviously refused to give without him first telling me where he was calling from and what they were proposing to charge for this 'service'. he repeated his question, i repeated my answer, he put the phone down.


Silent call.


Caller hung up when I answered!!


Called me yesterday @ 09:40, my caller display said "INTERNATIONAL 02548996357 Custom". When I picked up there was no answer. I've had similar calls for the last week claiming to be from BT but on a different No. to this. These calls may have something in common as I sent the BT ones packing and perhaps they now want to sell me a call barring system. Well guess what? I ain't buying.


Thanks to my BT Call Blocker phones, I don't get disturbed by these calls any more. I love checking the calls list to see who's been blocked! :)


Phoned 3 times already this week no one ever on the other end


15/11/16 received a call at 11.40 from an Asian man purporting to represent telephone preference. Very insistent to the point of rudeness. I over-rode him and explained that I am tired of receiving calls from Asians attempting to scam and that my preference is that these Asian callers stop assuming we are all idiots. And I hung up.


Asian lady saying she was from a call prevention service. Obviously a scam.


Blank call but made up number so another scam from India, trying to con one out of money.


Yet another scam call 6th today, basically saying they were a government body telling me I'm having a lot of nuisance calls and they could stop them, (as I'm on the tps scheme and that doesn't stop them don't see how they can) passed me onto the manager she went through loads of details, when I told her I wasn't giving her my providers information she said ' carry on getting loads of nuisance Calle then, I put the phone down.


Called me at home, long delay and then a computerised voice saying "Goodbye". REALLY irritating as I was in the middle of something.


Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute.Calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day.


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Missed call so not sure what they wanted. I live in Australia and don't no anyone in London, suspect it's a scam call to match the emails




Called me today at 7.00 am (GMT+7) and I don't know who is this. I don't want to pick up the phone as I'm not sure if it is safe or not. Just be careful! Never have any relatives from Sri Lanka




Unsolicited call at 20.30 - Filipina or thereabouts stating that she was from Unicare - obvious scam but hung up before she got into her 'spiel'


01617130283 harassing scammers


Don't know


"Hi (my name) we want you to test and keep a Samsung Curve 40 inch TV - test and Keep for free. " :/


Missed a call from this number tried to call back and it said the phone was switched off. After reading these comments I will be blocking the number


Scam call


Woman says she's from Telling me I entered a competition and out of 10000 entries I was in the top 3 to win an iPhone 7 or £1000 in vouchers. I put the phone down. I have never entered a comp to win this. Possible scam


Several missed calls - after the last one I was checking the number against numbers we have already blocked and the handset froze. Could be a coincidence, and eventually I managed to clear it, but it's very worrying.


Who is it


Obvious scam, asked if I had been in an accident that wasn't my fault. Told the woman to get lost!


What is this accident that I had and i never was aware about it? ahaha I have no car by the way...when I asked where did they find my number they hung up.

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